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Virologica Sinica, 20 (5) : 485-489, 2005
Expression of Fusion Gene Containing HBV S, pre-s1 and C Fragments in Yeast and Analysis of its Anti- genicity
PCR method was used to Construct multi-epitope gene ss1c containing HBV S(1-222AA),preS1(10-50AA)and C(1-30AA) gene.The fusion ss1c gene was cloned into the expression vector pPIC3.5k.The recombinant vector was transformed into the host cell of GS115 with electroporation method.After screening with G418 and inducing with methanol,the product was analyzed with Western blot and EIA.The fusion gene(SSIC) with the length of 906bp was successfully expressed in yeast system.The molecular weight of SS1C expressed protein was about 31kDa and virus-like particles with diameter of about 22nm were formed.The product had specific reaction with anti-HBs,anti-preS1 and anti-HBc mAbs.Whether SS1C is a promising candidate for therapeutic vaccine for control of chronic HBV infection needs to be further studied.
  Published online: 20 Oct 2005
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