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Virologica Sinica, 20 (5) : 503-506, 2005
Identification and Sequencing of Five Peptides Containing Epitopes of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus
Five monoclonal antibodies to Infectious bursal disease virus(IBDV),HNF1,HNF7,B34,2B1 and 2G8 were used to screen for binding peptides from peptide 12-mer phage display library.After three rounds of panning(absorption-elution-amplification),sixty positive monoclonal phages(twelve for each monoclonal antibody) were selected and the phage displayed 12-peptides were detected and identified with indirect ELISA(A value >1.00) and competitive inhibition ELISA(inhibition rate >40%).The results indicated that 12-peptides contained epitopes of IBDV.Thirty-five positive monoclonal phages were sequenced,and the sequences of nucleotides and amino acids of the five different epitopes on IBDV were determined and analyzed.Comparison with sequences of IBDV registered in GenBank,four continuous amino acid residues Leu-Ala-Ser-Pro of 2B1 selected peptide was homology with the sequence encoded by genome fragment A from 536 to 539.But HNF1,HNF7,B34 and 2G8 selected peptides had no more than three continuous amino acid residues s
  Published online: 20 Oct 2005
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