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Virologica Sinica, 20 (5) : 546-548, 2005
Brief Reports
RT-PCR Detection of Taura Syndrome Virus in Penaeus vannami from Southeast Seaside of China Virus
Taura syndrome virus(TSV) is one of the important pathogenic agents of Penaeus vannami,which causes prawn infection with serious disease in China in recent years.245 samples collected from 26 farms of Zhangzhou,Xiamen,Shenzhen,Yangjiang,Ningbo and Guangzhou.were detected for TSV with RT-PCR,the positive rates were 100%,33.3%,40.7%,50% and 40%,respectively.Southern blotting and nucleotide sequencing were performed to confirm the specificity of the amplified RT-PCR products.The homology of 231bp nucleotide sequences reached 98.3%-100% when analysed and compared with the GenBank using the BLAST program.Phylogenetic analyses clustered the TSV isolates into two groups: one contained USA and Chinese Taiwan isolates;the other contained Vietnam isolate(YN1) and 21 isolates of mainland China.The 21 China isolates clustered into one branch,while the YN1 distributed in another branch.5 strains from Guangzhou and 2 strains from Shenzhen constituted one subcluster of the China branch.
  Published online: 20 Oct 2005
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