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Virologica Sinica, 21 (1) : 64-67, 2006
Research Article
Identification and Serological Study of Odontoglossum ringspot virus
Xiamen Overseas Chinese Subtropical Plant Introduction Garden, National Plant Introduction Quarantine Base, Xiamen, Fu Jian 361002
A virus isolated from cattleya in Xiamen, China was identified as an isolate of Odontoglossum ringspot virus, based on its biological properties, particle morphology, serological characterization and RT-PCR. Mechanical inoculation test with the isolate was carried out to 27 species of 6 families of indicative plants, of which 8 species of 4 families showed symptoms. The result is different from that of Tobacco mosaic virus. The thermal inactivation point of the isolate was about 92℃~94℃, and the longevity in vitro was beyond 3 months. Electron microscopic examination of the purified virus particle preparations showed straight particles of about 300nm long and 18nm wide. The pure viral coat protein was estimated to be about 17 kDa. The serological test showed that the virus isolation reacted positively with the antiserum against ORSV while weakly with TMV antiserum. Antiserum was prepared by immunizing rabbit, and used to detect ORSV in Xiamen orchid’s plant by Dot-ELISA.
  Published online: 20 Jan 2006
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