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Virologica Sinica, 21 (3) : 235-237, 2006
Research Article
Molecular Characterization of Hantavirus Zhejiang Isolate ZT10 Strain
1.Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Prevention and Control, HangZhou, 310009, China
2.Zhejiang Provincial TanTai Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Zhejiang TanTai, 317200, China
The effects of the M gene on the molecular epidemiological characteristics of the Hantavirus ZT10 strain isolated from M. arvalis was investigated. The gene was amplified by RT-PCR and yielded the expected product of 3651 bp. The amplified fragment was then cloned into the T vector and confirmed by PCR and sequencing. Analysis of the sequence revealed that the ZT10 M segment belongs to seoul virus.The nucleotide sequence identity of this M gene with eight virus strains was 84.0%~96.3%. The identity with Hantanvirus(Prospect Hill virus, Tula virus, Khabarovsk virus, Isla vista virus) isolated from arvalis was 57.5%~60.9%. Also, the identiry with the SEO types and with the Guo3 isoated from ZheJiang province was 84.0%. Seoul virus ZT10 strain is a new specific seoul subtype virus in ZheJiang province.
  Published online: 20 May 2006
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