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Virologica Sinica, 21 (3) : 261-266, 2006
Research Article
Sequencing and Analysis of the Genomes of Three Newcastle Disease Viruses Isolated from Guangxi
1.Guangxi Veterinary Research Institute, Nanning, 530001, China
2. College of Animal Sciences and Technology, Guangxi University, Nanning, 530005, China
Eight pairs of specific primers were designed and synthesized based on the entire genomic sequence data of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) present in GenBank. Complete nucleotide sequences of GX7/02, GX9/03 and GX11/03 strains were acquired by reverse transcription-polymerase reaction. The entire genomic sequences of three NDV strains consisted of 15 192 nt, which was the same in length to 7 NDV ZJ1, U.S/Largo/71, Italy/2736/00 strains, but was 6 nt longer than LaSota, Clone-30 and B1 strains in GenBank. The additional 6 nt motif was located in the non-coding region of nucleoprotein (NP) gene between nucleotides 1647 and 1648 of the entire genomic sequences of NDV LaSota, B1 and Clone-30 strains. The results of identity analysis of nucleotide and amino acid sequences showed that the identities between GX7/02, GX9/03, GX11/03 and ZJ1 strains were higher than that of the three strains of LaSota, B1 and Clone-30.
  Published online: 20 May 2006
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