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Virologica Sinica, 22 (6) : 421-423, 2007
AIDS Research and Its Role in China’s AIDS Prevention and Control Policies
State Key Laboratory for Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control, National Center for AIDS / STD Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing 100050, China
By the end of 2005, the estimated number of HIV infected people in China was 650,000. The seriousness of the epidemic calls for effective control measures to tackle the problems in order to avoid the tragedy in Africa from happening in China. “Prevention First” is the cornerstone of the country’s health policy. On 2003 World AIDS Day, Premier Jiabao Wen announced a new national AIDS control policy, “Four Frees and One Care”. This policy clearly shows that the Chinese government has once again taken full responsibility to solve public health problems and has profound impact far beyond the AIDS field. In early 2006, the central government put scientific and technology innovation as a national priority and set the target to build an innovative China by year 2020. Since then, the government has been increasing investment in science and technology with major emphasis on both infectious diseases control and new drug research and development. For the first time, development of 100 new drugs and control of major infectious diseases (AIDS, HBV, TB and other emerging infectious diseases) have been selected as national key scientific projects. China’s best minds in related fields will be pooled to work together in order to remove the technical barriers blocking efficient control of the major infectious disease in China. Knowledge on molecular epidemiology, immunology, pathogenesis, HAART, as well as HIVDR strains will certainly provide urgently needed scientific information for China’s AIDS control program. Only evidence-based strategy from good research will provide long-term effective control of AIDS.
Key Words: AIDS;  Prevention;  Control
  Published online: 25 Dec 2007
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