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Virologica Sinica, 23 (1) : 15-24, 2008
Research Article
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Genome from the Inner Mongolia Strain of the Endogenous Betaretroviruses (enJSRV)
1.College of Animal Science and Animal Medicine, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Huhhot 010018, China
2.Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture, Beijing 102442, China
In order to amplify the complete genome of enJSRV from the strain of Inner Mongolia (enJSRV-NM), we used enJSRV-specific and JSRV-specific DNA probes in dot blot hybridization. Seven pairs of primers were designed based on Genbank sequences. Seven fragments were obtained by PCR and were cloned into the PMD19- T vectors. The recombinant plasmids were sequenced and analyzed. The results showed that the genome was 7 942 bp in length and contained four overlapping open reading frames corresponding to the gag, pro, pol and env genes as well as an additional open reading frame (orf-x) that overlaps the 3’ end of the pol gene. The nucleotide acid sequences of the enJSRV-NM loci were compared with the sequences of South Africa enJS56A1 strain (Accession No. AF153615) and USA JSRV21 strain (Accession No. AF105220). The nucleotide acid identities were 99.2% and 92.3% respectively. Two zinc fingers were found in the NC region in the predicted amino acid sequence. However, the YXXM motif, which is a reliable molecular marker for the infectious exogenous virus, was not found in the TM region. It was found that the enJSRV-NM region was 90%-98% identical at the amino acid level to its exogenous infectious counterparts in most of the retroviral genome. This is the first nucleotide sequence of enJSRV reported in P.R China. The resource work has provided a wide range of information useful not only for expression genomics and annotation of genomic DNA sequence, but also for further research on the clinical diagnosis of OPA.
  Published online: 20 Feb 2008
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