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Virologica Sinica, 26 (3) : 171-180, 2011
Host Cell Protein C9orf69 Promotes Viral Proliferation via Interaction with HSV-1 UL25 Protein
Institute of Medical Biology, Chinese Academy of Medicine Science & Peking Union Medical College, Kunming 650118, China
 Correspondence: imbcams.lq@gmail.com
In light of the scarcity of reports on the interaction between HSV-1 nucleocapsid protein UL25 and its host cell proteins, the purpose of this study is to use yeast two-hybrid screening to search for cellular proteins that can interact with the UL25 protein. C9orf69, a protein of unknown function was identified. The interaction between the two proteins under physiological conditions was also confirmed by biological experiments including co-localization by fluorescence and immunoprecipitation. A preliminary study of the function of C9orf69 showed that it promotes viral proliferation. Further studies showed that C9orf69 did not influence viral multiplication efficiency by transcriptional regulation of viral genes, but indirectly promoted proliferation via interaction with UL25.
Received: 6 Apr 2011  Accepted: 30 Dec 2010  Published online: 5 Jun 2011
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