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Virologica Sinica, 27 (4) : 228-233, 2012
Research Article
Study on Passive Immunity: time of Vaccination in Kids Born to Goats Vaccinated Against Peste des petits ruminants
1. Division of Virology, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Mukteswar 263138, Nainital District, Uttarakhand, India
2. Project Directorate on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance PD_ADMAS, Hebbal, Bangalore 560024, India
3. Animal Health Division, Indian Council of Agricultural Research-North Eastern Hill, Umiam 793103, India
4. Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bangalore 560024, India
5. National Research Centre on Equines, Hisar 125001, India
 Correspondence: balavirol@gmail.com

In this study, the decay of maternal peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV) antibodies in kids born to goats vaccinated with Asian lineage IV PPR vaccine and the efficacy of passive immunity against PPRV was assessed to determine the appropriate period for vaccination in kids. Serum samples collected from kids born to vaccinated, unvaccinated and infected goats at different time intervals were tested by PPR competitive ELISA and serum neutralization test (SNT). Maternal antibodies in kids were detectable up to 6 months with a decline trend from the third month onwards and receded below the protective level by the fourth month. The kid with an SN titre of 1:8 at the time of immunization showed significant PPRV specific antibody response (percentage inhibition of 76; SN titers >1:16), when tested on 21 day post-vaccination and was completely protected from infection upon virulent PPRV challenge. Similarly, the kid with 1:8 SN titers was completely protected from PPR infection on active challenge. Therefore, PPR vaccination is recommended in kids, aged 4 months and born to immunized or exposed goats. This could be a suitable period to avoid window of susceptibility in kids to PPRV and the effort to eliminate PPR infection from susceptible populations.

Received: 28 May 2012  Accepted: 6 Mar 2012  Published online: 5 Aug 2012
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