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Author [CHEN Li-Hua] article list of Virologica Sinica
ymantria xylina Swinhoe nuclear polyhedrcais virus (LxNPV)is a kind of multi-embeded baculovirus. Scanning electron microscope(SEM)showed that the LxNPV inclusion bodies were irregularpolyhedra with different sizes.The average diameter of the polyhedra was 1.40μm.A lot of rod-shapedvirions which ..., Abstract
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The Lymantria,xylina Swinhoe cytoplasmic polyhedra xhows a quite difference ranging from 0.8 to2.lμm in diameter.The virions were randomly distributed in a polyhedron;The virions show icosahedron, and about 60 nm in diameter with l2 spikes.By the analysis of SDS-PAG E,the polyhedral pro-teins ..., Abstract
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Serological relationships of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of Boarmia Obliqua with other six kinds of insect baculoviruses, namely, those of Euproctis Pseudoconspersa, Buzura suppressria Prodenia litura, Bombyx mori Philosamia cynhtia ricini and Antheraea pernyi, were studied by common serological ..., Abstract
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The roots tubers of Taizishen are usually used as the traditional Chinese medicine.A rod-shaped virus has been found from the diseased plant of Taizishen. The virus purified by polythylene preciptation and differential cent- rifugation showed rod-shaped,close and numerous particales under the ..., Abstract
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