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Author [CHEN Yao-Shun] article list of Virologica Sinica
ymantria xylina Swinhoe nuclear polyhedrcais virus (LxNPV)is a kind of multi-embeded baculovirus. Scanning electron microscope(SEM)showed that the LxNPV inclusion bodies were irregularpolyhedra with different sizes.The average diameter of the polyhedra was 1.40μm.A lot of rod-shapedvirions which ..., Abstract
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The Lymantria,xylina Swinhoe cytoplasmic polyhedra xhows a quite difference ranging from 0.8 to2.lμm in diameter.The virions were randomly distributed in a polyhedron;The virions show icosahedron, and about 60 nm in diameter with l2 spikes.By the analysis of SDS-PAG E,the polyhedral pro-teins ..., Abstract
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