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Author [DENG Xiao-jun] article list of Virologica Sinica
Abstract:A luciferase gene has been inserted into the recombinan t plasmid PIDNV—pUCl l9 which
contained partly deletion of genome of Periplanete fuliginosa densovirus(PfDNV).The recombinant
plasmid with luciferase gene was co··transfected with pfDNV·pUCl l9 into Periplanelefuliginosa ..., Abstract
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Dendrolimus punctatus cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus(DpCPV)was purified from infected
Dendrolimus punctattts and the genomic dsRNA segments were subsequently extracted. Segment 8
dsRNA was purified by low melting-temperat agraose.A single amino-linked modified oligonucleotide
(primer ..., Abstract
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