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Author [DING Da-Ming] article list of Virologica Sinica
Gynura aurantiaca plants infected by citrus exocortis viroid (i.e. CEV) were applied in different concentrations of exogennous gibberellin (GA,5ppm, 10ppm, 50ppm, 100ppm, 200ppm), n(?)phthalen (Nal., 100ppm, 300ppm), 5-flurouracil (5-FU, 0.5mg/L, 1mg/L, 2mg/L) solutions respectively. It was found ..., Abstract
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Gynura aurantiaca D. C. i the sensitive indicator plant of citrus exoc-ortis viroid (CEV). Cell suspension cultures from healthy and CEV-infectedGynura aurantiaca D. C. have been established. Some properties of the cellsuspension cultures have been described by means of growth, pH and ..., Abstract
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The distribution of Citrus Exocotis Viroid (CEV) in different organs of Gynura aurantiaca infected by CEV was examined by bioassay, bidirectional polyaerylamide gel electrophoresis and molecular hybridization. These organs include root, stem, leaf, flower and seed. The results show that there is ..., Abstract
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The ~(32)P-cDNA Probes of Citrus Exocortis Viroid (CEV) and Chrysanthemum Stunt Viroid (CSV)RNA has been synthesied respectively and usedfor detecting some samples that may contain relative viroids. This is a sensitive and rapid method for diagnosing early viroid disease as compared with biology ..., Abstract
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The DNA of Buzura Suppressaria Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus(BsNPV) was digested at least9 fragments by restriction endonuclease BamHI.The fragments eluted by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis were recombined with plasmid pBR_(322)incubated with BamHI and transfered into E.coli. Antibiotic ..., Abstract
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