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Author [GAO Wei] article list of Virologica Sinica
With light and electron microscopy techniques, the pathological changes of seven tissues of Panaeid chinensis were studied. The major pathological changes mainly took place in the tissues of digestive system: hepatopancreas, midgut and stomach etc. Under light microscope, it was found that the ..., Abstract
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随着对虾养殖业的发展,其病害亦日趋突出。对虾病原的研究,特别是病毒性病原的研究,是当前我国发展对虾养殖业的重要课题,它对虾病的防治与检测提供重要的科学依据。为此,我们对近十多年来已发表的有关对虾病毒方面研究的论文和资料作一概述,希望能对同行的研究工作..., Abstract
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Using two kinds of spherical viruses from diseased Penaeus chinensis as antigens,the relativeantibodies were prepared.Then diseased shrimp samples from Jiangsu,Hebei,Qingdao,Fujianand Dalian were detected by counter immunoelectrophoresis,ELISA and immunological EM tech-nique.The results showed that ..., Abstract
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Small spherical virus with diameter of ca,20 nm was isolated from infected shrimps.Thevirions were icosahedron and naked. The infection exDeriment showed that the mortality was upto 66%.The viral nucleic acid was ssDNA after digested with DNase,RNase and Sl nuclease,Analysis of viral polypeptides ..., Abstract
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uring the cultivition of Penaeus orientalis K,outbreak of death or slowing down of growth couldoccurred sometimes.tuge amount of dispersive spherical viruses with diameter around 80nm were observed in the midgut cells of those sick shrimps under electron microscope.Hoat cell organelles,such ..., Abstract
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Tai MV was routinely detected and diagnosed by ELISA method. The detective sensitivity of the method was 4ng. Fields detective results showed that the soil, the roots tubers of Taizishen, symptomless plants and the surfaces of seeds had serological reactions with Tai MV antiserum. And it was ..., Abstract
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