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Author [GUO Wan-Zhu] article list of Virologica Sinica
The PCV-2 positive tissues by PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) were inoculated to the PK-15 cells not contaminated by PCV. The viral particles were observed in the infected PK-15 cells by eletronmicroscope .It was concluded that the isolate was PCV-2 and was named SCH-A ..., Abstract
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In order to determine the effect of deletion of gE, gI and TK on the characteristics of virion, we studied the property in cell culture, physicochemical characters and the morphogenesis in vero cells of Pseudorabies virus(PRV) gene-deleted vaccine strain SA215. The results indicated that PRV SA215 ..., Abstract
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dot blot hybridization method was developed to detect pseudorbies virus DNA in infectedcultured cells.Seven strains of pseudorabies virus were detected by hiotinylated pseudorabies virusFa DNA probe,and recomhinant plasmid pPB11DNA(BamHI-11 fragment of PRV Fa was clonedbetween the BamHI sites of ..., Abstract
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The Restriction endonuclease fragments except the ones from BamH I-1,2 were inserted into plasmid pBR322.The genomic library of Pseudurabies virus Min-A was also constructed.The Cloned frag-ment degested by BamH I were ldbeled with pliotobiotin,With molecular hybridization,the maincleavage site of ..., Abstract
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