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Author [HOU Zong-Liu] article list of Virologica Sinica
Hepatitis A virus and ECHO20 viruses were isolated from faeces of hepatitis A patients in Luxi County, Yunnan Province. The combined and single serological neutralization antibody tests of enterovirus demonstrated that the patients were infected by both viruses. One strain, named LX0901, was ..., Abstract
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A total of 19 367 adult female mosquitoes belonging to 16 species of Aedes genus were captured from nine countries, south western part of Yunnan Province, China, and were examined by C6/36 cell method and suckling mouse method. Two strains of Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus were isolated from 6491 ..., Abstract
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GC32 cell line established by authors from a carcinoma patient is susceptible to JE and Chikungunya. The susceptibility of GC32 cell to JE and Chikungunya is similar to that of BHK21 regarded as control. BHK21 and GC32 cells infected by JE,Chikungunya and Langat viruses make “ +++~++++ ..., Abstract
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In 1988, Russian spring-summer encephalitis viruses were isolated from Ixodes ovatus and the patient at Gaoligoug Mountain natural focus in Yunnan In 1990, 15 strains of viruses were isolated from R.confucian, A. sglvaticus, R. eha ninus, E. eleusis, N. bramha, N. sinensis, R.nitidus and ..., Abstract
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In 1989, 3 strains of Yunnan RSSE virus were isolated from 2 groups of Ixodes Ovatus (T56, T57) and blood of a female patient with fever of unknown infected with YHV, T56v, T57v by intracerebral, intraperitoneal, nasal cavity and subcutaneous inoculation respectively.The incubation period is 3—4 ..., Abstract
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Chinese tupaia belangeri yunalises were infected with Russian spring summer encephalitis viruses (Dongbai, YH, T57 strains) by intracerebral, intraperitoneal and subcataneous route. All tupaia belangeri yunalies had viremia and lasted for 7—9 days. Immune response depended on pathogen which light ..., Abstract
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