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Author [LI He-Min] article list of Virologica Sinica
Partial genomes of three strains of sporadic hepatitis E virus (Ch T11,Ch T21,Ch T40) were cloned and sequenced. The nucleotide and putative amino acid homology of Ch T11,Ch T21,Ch T40 and other HEV strains were 78.3 81.3% and 95.8 97.9%, respectively. The nucleotide homology between Ch T21 and Ch ..., Abstract
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Part of HCV core gene fragment is expressed in E.coli.The recombinant protein C27 is fu-sion protein with GST.The specific protein iS about 30%of total bacterial protein,After purifi-cation,the purity of the recombinant protein is more than 95%.We compared C27 antigen withC11 core antigen by EL ISA ..., Abstract
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Five selected McAbs were tested for their binding to HBsAg polypeptidecomposition by using Western Blot. McAb B_6, B_9 and B_(12) combined polypeptideP24 of HBsAg, while McAb A_1 and B_(13) combined both polypeptide p24 andP27 of HBsAg. Using the five McAbs, the epitope density of "a" determinantof ..., Abstract
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We explored rabies virus adapted to Vero cells making plaque formation promptly.The plaque could be all exposed and easily seen under microscope on 4th day. It was shown that plaque method was more sensitive than mice(i.c) method on the titer of virus and assay neutralizing antibody.Up to now, the ..., Abstract
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