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Author [LI Hua] article list of Virologica Sinica
Two pairs of primers were used for amplifying SFV gene with nested—PCR in Rhesus Mon—
key blood The neady 500 bp PCR products were cloned into vector pUC-19.The fragment was de
tected as 465 bp SFV pol gene by sequence analysis.The homology of the fragment to 425 bp pol gene
of the ..., Abstract
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The distribution of baculovirus in stotnach and other 10 organs of Peaseus oricntalis naturally diseased and artificially infected was reported. The result showd that a larg number of virion was detected in circulatory blood cells, as well as in connective tissue cells and opidends of stomach ..., Abstract
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With electron microscopy techniques the major virus pathogens of artificially infected Penaeus chinensis were studied. It showed that there are two kinds of virus pathogens in diseased shrimps: spherical virus and baculovirus. Sometimes they were co - existing in the same tissue or even in the same ..., Abstract
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In order to study the immune response of HB vaccine combined with BCGand DTP, 150 newborns of HBsAg negative. mothers were divided into threegroups and observed. Babies in groups 1 and 2 were given injection of 10μg,20μg HB vaccine respectively, group 3 had no HB vaccination. But all thethree ..., Abstract
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