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Author [LI Li] article list of Virologica Sinica
In the present study, we examined the codon usage bias between pseudorabies virus (PRV) US1 gene and the US1-like genes of 20 reference alphaherpesviruses. Comparative analysis showed noticeable disparities of the synonymous codon usage bias in the 21 alphaherpesviruses, indicated by codon ..., Abstract
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Duck enteritis virus (DEV) is a herpesvirus that causes an acute, contagious and fatal disease. In the present article, the DEV UL4 gene was cloned and sequenced from a vaccine virus. A degenerate oligonucleotide primer for the consensus site of herpesvirus UL3 gene and a specific primer located in ..., Abstract
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The herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) VP22, is one of the most abundant HSV-1 tegument proteins with an average stoichiometry of 2 400 copies per virion and conserved among alphaherpesvirinae. Many functions are attributed to VP22, including nuclear localization, chromatin binding, microtubule ..., Abstract
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The coat protein gene of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) from melon isolate (CH99/ 90) was amplified by RT2PCR from the total RNA of infected zucchini leaves and cloned into pUCm2 T vector . The gene consisted of 657 nucleotides encoding 218 putative amino acids. Nucleotide sequence alignments showed ..., Abstract
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Coding sequences of Transfusion transmiffed virus(TT virus or TTV) ORF2 was amplified by PCR, using plasmid pET-His-TTV2 containing the full-length ORF2 of TTV as template. The amplified fragment of 606bp was cloned into plasmid pEGFP-N1 and GFP-VP2 fusion protein was expressed. The recombinant ..., Abstract
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Abstract:Periplaneta fuliginosa densovirus(pfDNV)was found in China at the first time,has been
classified into the subfamily Densovirinae in Parvoviridae.However,Which genus that it be longs to has
not yet been determined and is the focus of the present work.Recent advances in the ..., Abstract
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Using HCV NS3 m onoclonal antibody as selective molecule, a 12 m ar phage peptide library
was biopanned and positive clones were selected by ELISA . com petition assay and DN A sequencing.
Eleven positive clones were chosen for DN A sequencing.From the experim ent and sequencing com ..., Abstract
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A New member of Tetraviridae family was found and is olate d from Dendrolimus punetatus larvae in China.Purified virion is icosahedral spheroid with the diameter 44nm and 240 identical subunits in the particle with T=4 symmetry.The nucleic acid in the virion was determined to be single-strande d ..., Abstract
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The HBV genetic heterogeneity in the patients with chroni c HBV infection was reported in this article. A set of spectific primers was syn thesized according to HBV DNA sequence of Chinese strain, the whole X region was amplified by PCR method from the serum of 9 patients with chronic HBV infection ..., Abstract
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