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Author [LIU Wen-Xue] article list of Virologica Sinica
Hantavirus Gou 3 strain has been reported by plaque reduce neutralization test (PRNT) being a neutralizing antigen broad strain. In this investigation the Gou 3 strain was purified by double picked up plaques and identified the types using PCR method. The results indicated that the Gou 3 strain ..., Abstract
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This paper described immunization effect and response of two and three injections with 3ml inacti vated EHF vaccine in volunteers. This experiment was derided into three groups. Group 1. Injected three times on day 0,7 and 28(1 ml once);Group 2.Injected twices on day 0 and 28(1.5ml once); Group ..., Abstract
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No side effects were found locally and generally in 25 volunteers when the secordary immunization(one injecton) with inactivated EHF vaccine was done at a year or a year and half after primary immunization, The EHF virus antibodies were detected by PRNT in these volunteers who were negative of ..., Abstract
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In this study, expanded human trial with M, Gerbil kidney tissue culture inactivated HFRS vaccine was carried out and neutralizing antibody response was assessed by plaque reduction neutralization(PRNT) and CPE neutralization(CPENT) methods. According to the data of all 74 person immune sera ..., Abstract
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Serotypic classification of 22 strain EHF viruses isolated from differenthosts and serotypic diagnosis of EHF patients in different endemic areas ofEHF were studied by using micro-CPE neutralization test (MCPENT) assay.The results of 13 strains classified as serotype 1 and 8 strains as serotype 2 ..., Abstract
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The immunogencity was studied for three types of experimental inaetiva ted haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS)vaccine, two tissue cul ture vaccines made from Mongolian Gerbil kidney and hamster kidney and one purified mouse brain vaccine. The M Gerbil kidney cell vaccine was made with ..., Abstract
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We have studied RPHA and RPHI test using anti-EHFV antibody sensitized human red blood cell for detecting EHF antigen and antibody. The antigen used in RPHI was successfully prepared with infected mouse brains extracted by pH 9.0 borate buffered saline(BBS), providing a method of simplicity for ..., Abstract
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We have modified and improved the method of immune adherence hemagglutination (IAHA) test and used it to detect virus antigen and antibody of epidemic hemorrhagic fever (EHF). We compared the IAHA titers of different strains infected in Vero-E_6 cells The IAHA titer of A_9 strain showed to be the ..., Abstract
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