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Author [LIU Yong] article list of Virologica Sinica
HIV-1 integrase P31 of RL42 strain, a B subtype isolate, was expressed in E.coli using pThioHisB vector(Invitrogen). The recombinant protein represented about 30% of total cellular proteins. and was purified by inclusion body washing and Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEX). The purity of P31 ..., Abstract
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Abstract:Recombinant euckaryotic expression vectors pcDNA3.1二G2S0.7 and pcDNA3.1一S0.7G2 were
constructed by cloning chimeric genes containing G2 fragment of M segm ent and 0.7Kb fragment of S
segment into pcDNA3.1 (+、. Then BALB/c mice were vaccinated by the two vectors. EUSA ..., Abstract
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H antaan virus glycoprotein G1 and nucleoprotein partial fragment w ere connected in differ—
ent ways.The constructed chim eric gene G 1 SO .7 or SO.7G 1 was inserted into baculovirus expression
vector pFBD.The recombinant shuttle plasmids(Bacmids)containing chimeric genes were ..., Abstract
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The coat protein (CP) gene and 3′noncoding region of tomato mosaic virus Sl isolate (ToMV Sl) were amplified by RT PCR with specific primers designed on the basis of reported ToMV L strain (ToMV L) sequence. The cDNA fragment was cloned and sequenced,its sequence showed that the CP gene has 480 ..., Abstract
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virus isolate(To-Sl)from tomato was collected in Ha11gzhou,Zhejiang Province.To-Slcould infect 24 plant species of three families.To-Sl produced mosaic symptoms on tomato,andlocal leision on N.tabocum White Burley. Its thern1al inactivation point was 85~90℃,dilutionend point was ..., Abstract
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Recently, we isolated a non-occluded virus from spontaneous mortal Periplaneta fuliginosa(Serville). The virus suspension was mixed in sterile food to feed healthy P. fuliginosa nymphs(of 154—169 days). The percent mortality of the nymphs which died with infected virus was over 98%. Under ..., Abstract
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The ~(32)P-cDNA Probes of Citrus Exocortis Viroid (CEV) and Chrysanthemum Stunt Viroid (CSV)RNA has been synthesied respectively and usedfor detecting some samples that may contain relative viroids. This is a sensitive and rapid method for diagnosing early viroid disease as compared with biology ..., Abstract
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