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Author [PENG Wen-Wei] article list of Virologica Sinica
The cDNA sequence of 5' non - coding region (5'NCR) of GBV - C/HGV strain from China was determined. According to the previously reported sequences of HGV, two pairs of primers specific for HGV from relatively conserved regha in the 5' NCR was designed- GBV - C/HGV RNA derived from the plasma of a ..., Abstract
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The NS1 genomic region of the hepatitis C virus(HCV),derived from the serum of a patient withchronic NANB hepetitis in Guangdong province,was cloned and sequenced.HCV RNA extracted bythe powder-adsorption procedure was converted to cDNA by everse transcription with random primer.Polymerase chain ..., Abstract
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