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Author [SHEN Tao] article list of Virologica Sinica
Equine infectious anemia virus full-length-gene chimeric clone derived virus, vLGFD9-12, was inoculated into healthy horses. Over an observation period of 150 days, all inoculated groups showed no overt abnormal symptoms. The results from routine blood assays showed that the counts of WBC and HGB ..., Abstract
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A novel flow cytometric assay for evaluating Equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV) antigen-specific CTL responses was established and by using PKH-26 and CFSE as cell colouration dyes. Compared with the traditional 51Cr -release assay, the new method is more sensitive, has a decrease background and ..., Abstract
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To provide convenient and effective tool for differentiating analysis between EIAV vaccine and pathogenic strain, molecular marker of FLAG+{TM} or 6+*His was inserted into S2 gene of EIAV(equine infectious anemia virus) vaccine infectious clone pFD3, The resulted chimeric clones pFD3-FLAG and ..., Abstract
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According to mutations occurred in the passages during the Equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV) vaccine attenuation, a full length chimeric gene clone, pLGFD9-12, was constructed successfully at a backbone of clone pLGFD3-8 by substitution with LTR U3 region of a virulent EIAV strain. The ..., Abstract
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Based on t he infectious clone p FD328 wit hin EIAV f ull2lengt h genome , and according to the variation of structural genes during vaccine preparation , several chimeric infectious clones involved in gag and env genes , modified by overlap PCR site2 directed ..., Abstract
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