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Author [SHI Zheng-Li] article list of Virologica Sinica
The BALB/c mice were immunized with purified White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV). Six monoclonal antibody were selected, by ELISA, with VP28 protein expressed in E. Coli. The in vitro neutralization experiments showed that 4 of them could inhibit the virus infection to crayfish. Western-blot revealed ..., Abstract
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White spot syndrome virus ORF220 encodes a protein homologous to the gp130 receptors of eukaryote. prcvious studies showed that this protein was a minor structural protein. In this paper, the ORF220 was cloned into the pFastBacI fused with EGFP gene and co-transfected with AcBacmid into DH10B ..., Abstract
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The results of UV and sunlight on the activity of freshwater cyanophage PP are presented in this paper. Both UV-A and UV-B resulted in significant inactivity of cyanophage, though the effect was different. The outdoor performance showed that the day inactivity rates of cyanophage by sunlight in ..., Abstract
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Viral particles similar to non occluded baculoviruses were isolated from penaeid shrimp Penaeus chinensis in China. The size of enveloped virion is 250-300×110nm.After extraction,the viral DNA was digested by EcoRⅠ and cloned into the pUC 18. Two clones, L46 and M13,containing inserts of ..., Abstract
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With light and electron microscopy techniques, the pathological changes of seven tissues of Panaeid chinensis were studied. The major pathological changes mainly took place in the tissues of digestive system: hepatopancreas, midgut and stomach etc. Under light microscope, it was found that the ..., Abstract
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Using two kinds of spherical viruses from diseased Penaeus chinensis as antigens,the relativeantibodies were prepared.Then diseased shrimp samples from Jiangsu,Hebei,Qingdao,Fujianand Dalian were detected by counter immunoelectrophoresis,ELISA and immunological EM tech-nique.The results showed that ..., Abstract
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Small spherical virus with diameter of ca,20 nm was isolated from infected shrimps.Thevirions were icosahedron and naked. The infection exDeriment showed that the mortality was upto 66%.The viral nucleic acid was ssDNA after digested with DNase,RNase and Sl nuclease,Analysis of viral polypeptides ..., Abstract
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