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Author [TIAN Bo] article list of Virologica Sinica
SARS coronavirus(SARS-CoV) is a novel human coronavirus and was responsible for SARS outbreak in several regions of the world in 2003.The genome of SARS-CoV is about 30,000 nucleotides in length and sequence analysis revealed that nucleotides 1-72 contain a RNA leader sequence preceding an ..., Abstract
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Prions are unprecedented infectious pathogens that cause a group of invariably fatal neurodegenerative diseases by an entirely novel mechanism. Prion diseases result from abnormally folded isoform (PrPSc) of the cellular prion protein (PrPC). In order to investigate the molecular mechanisms of the ..., Abstract
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Abstract:In this study,we inserted the 5 untranslated region(UTR)of Hepatitis C virus(HCV)
genome into the upstream of the reporter genes of enhanced green fluorescent protein (eGFP)and
luciferase.an d we also constructed the expression vector that Can express the short interfering RNAs ..., Abstract
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Abstract: gene of a Chinese isolate of Rice dwarf virus fRDV)was amplified by RT.PCR and then
cloned into pGEM—Teasy.Sequence analysis showed that its nucleotide sequence had high identity to a
Japan ese isolate of RDV an d contmned high percent of rare codons. l6 gene was expressed m ..., Abstract
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The cloned coat protein (CP) gene from Ys strain of papaya rinspot virus (PRV) was sequenced by dideoxy-chain termination method. Results show that the full length of the CP genewas 858 nucleotides (nt). Comparison among CP genes of 16 PRV strains or isolates from Chinaand abroad indicated that Ys ..., Abstract
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RNA - dependent RNA polymerase extracted from the cucumber cotyledons four days afterinoculation by CMV-B-1 containing attenuation satellite RNA was used to initiate synthesis of(-)sense RNA from(+)sense RNA,using both CMV genomic or satellite RNAs as tem-plates.In presence of satellite RNA,the ..., Abstract
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he plant expression vector pROK II containing antisense ribozyme gene of rice dwarf virus(RDV)S5 was transferred to rice immature embryo by microprojectile bombardrnent.The resis-tant calli were obtained in the presence of G418. Two or three months later these calli could differ-entiate to shoot ..., Abstract
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he whole sequence of RDV S1 fragment and partial sequence(S5Ⅲ)of RDV S5 fragmentwere synthesized and amplified by the method of reversed transcription-polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR).Each amplified product was then cloned into pGEM7Zf(+)or pUC19 at the Smalsite,and sequenced.Based on these ..., Abstract
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Rice stripe virus(RSV)genome is composed of four ssRNA species. The 5'-and 3'-terminal sequences of about 20 bases of each ssRNA were almost completely complementary to each otherand the 5'-terminal sequences of all four ssRNA have the some sequence of 11 nucleotides.Thoseconserved sequences were ..., Abstract
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Identification , cDNA cloning and sequencing of a virus causing tobacco veinal necrosis were carried out during 1 990一1993. The obvious symptom of the infected tobacco was veinal necrosis. Aphid(Myzus persicae)was demonstrated as transmitting vector. The virus only in-fected 8 species of tobacco ..., Abstract
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The cytological effects induced by beet necrotic yellow vein(BNYVV),beet soil-borne(BSBV),peanut clump African sourec(PCV-A),peanut clump Indian suurce(PCV-I)and soil-borne wheat mo-saic viruses(SBWMV)were studied.The four virusee,differed in the structure of membrane accumula-tions and/or the ..., Abstract
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In isolate of Chinese squash leaf curl virus(SqLCV-C),which is transmitted by whitefly Bemisia tabaci and caused leaf curl and severe stunting symptoms on Cucurbita moschata and C,pepo,have beenisolated and further confirmed by molecular hybridization using its coat protein gene probe in ..., Abstract
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n identification of a mosaic virtis disease of eggplant which occurs in Shenyang was carried outduring 1991 and 1992.The isolate can be transmitted to some plants by mechanical inoculation,butcannot be transniitted by peach aphid(Myzus pericicae Sulzer,Phopalosiphum pseudobrassicae).Host ranse ..., Abstract
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n isolate of Chinese squash leaf curl virus(SqLCV-C),which is transmitted by whitefly Bemisia tabaci and caused leaf curl and severe stunting symptoms on Cucurbita moschata and C,pepo,have beenisolated and further confirmed by molecular hybridization using its coat protein gene probe in ..., Abstract
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The popper plants preinoculated with CMV satellite RNA biological control agent S52 were resiatant to infection ot CMV,The result of the field test in large area indicated that when pepper plantspreinoculated with S52 the protection effect was 59.5-71.0% compared with control plants,thefruit yield ..., Abstract
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The 5′and 3'-primers of 21 bp of GFV coat protein gene were synthesized according to the GFV-RNA sequence,The cDNA of GFV ccat protein gene was syntheeized with reverse transcriptase using3′-primer and GFV-RNA extracted from the Durified virus as template,Then the ds-cDNA was amplified by PCR ..., Abstract
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J.Rovinson B.D.Harrison(Scottish Crop research Institute, Dundee,DD2 5DS,U.K.)Nucleic acids extracted from Indian cassava mosaic geminivirus infected plant leaves(Nicotiana ben thamiana)and further purified through 1.0% LMT agarose gel electrophoresis were treated with RNA ase,DNAase,Nuclease ..., Abstract
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A sensitive indirect dot-ELISA was developed by using nitrocellulose membrance (NCM) instead of microplate, 3% casin as a blocking agent, horse-radish peroxidase conjugated protein A as an enzyme-labelled complex and a dilution by 100 folds of IgG from antiserum of rabbit to PRV-Ys strain as the ..., Abstract
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