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Author [WANG Bin] article list of Virologica Sinica
The aim of this study was to characterize functions of the unknown open-reading frames, Orf7, Orf8 and Orf9 within the Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) genome. We cloned the cDNAs of Orf7, Orf8, Orf9 from the SARS-CoV BJ01 strain were cloned by RT-PCR and constructed into ..., Abstract
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Abstract:The VP7 gene(vp7)ofHuman group B rotavirus(GBRV)strain WH一2 was amplified and
cloned into the plasmid pUCm—T by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR).Positive
vp7 gene cloned plasmid pT_VP7 was sequenced and analyzed by software GeneBee,the nucleotide ..., Abstract
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Abstract:A lot of spherical virions were observed in internal organiT.ation such as gill and mantellum
of the diseased Mytilus edulis with negative staining method.The diameter of V on is around 8()_一
200nm with dual unit membran e.Sam e virions were observed in connective tissuese of ..., Abstract
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The amino acid consensus sequences of membrane protein V3 region of HIV 1 Yunnan epidemic strain named YNV3 and two groups of amino acid consensus sequence YNV3A and YNV3B\ were deduced from DNA sequences of env gene V3 region of 16 local strains collected during 1992-1994,and analysed by DNASIS ..., Abstract
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The spherical virion with the size of 90~ 140 nm in diameter was detected in blood cell ma-trix of the feet, mantle and internal organization of diseased abalone. The virion was surrounded by dual unit membrane, no inclusion body. The morphology and size of virion in negative staining were the same ..., Abstract
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With electron microscopy techniques the major virus pathogens of artificially infected Penaeus chinensis were studied. It showed that there are two kinds of virus pathogens in diseased shrimps: spherical virus and baculovirus. Sometimes they were co - existing in the same tissue or even in the same ..., Abstract
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epatitis C virus(HCV)5'non-coding region(5'NCR)cDNA with 302 bp obtained byreverse transcription polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR)from the serum of a patient withchronic hepatitis C in Guangdong.Province was subsequently filled in recessed ends,purified andinserted into pUC19 plasmid vector.The ..., Abstract
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The NS1 genomic region of the hepatitis C virus(HCV),derived from the serum of a patient withchronic NANB hepetitis in Guangdong province,was cloned and sequenced.HCV RNA extracted bythe powder-adsorption procedure was converted to cDNA by everse transcription with random primer.Polymerase chain ..., Abstract
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In 1990—1991. from the fields in near- and-far suburb of nine counties or municipalities in Siehuan province, 492 accessions of Brassica juncea plant showing viral disease symptom were collected both in the initial and the prevalent period of the disease and were subjected to indirect ELISA tests ..., Abstract
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