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Author [WANG Chun-Jie] article list of Virologica Sinica
CV RNA and its NS3 region C33c antigen were detected by in situ hybridization withdigoxgenin-11-dUTP labeled HCV 5'non coding region cDNA probe and immunohistochemicalmethods with monoclonal antibody against recombinant HCV C33c protein in 35 cases of primaryintrahepatcr-cholangiocarcinoma(PIC) ..., Abstract
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The HCV C_(33c) antigen and HBxAg were detected with monoclonal antibod ies against C_(33C) and Poly-clonal antibedies agalnst HBxAg by immunohistochemical techniquee in 86 paraffin-embeded sectionsof liver cirrhositic tissues,The rate of the HCV C_(33c) antigen and HBxAg positive was ..., Abstract
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The EHF RNA and its G2 antigen were detected by in situ hybridization and immunohistoche- mistry on liver biopsy specimens of 25 cases of EHF patients among whom 23 are postive. Our results indicated that the degeneration and the single hepatocyte necrosis were due to the EHF virus invading ..., Abstract
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In the detecton of epidemic hemmorrhagic fever viral antigen in the autopsy and biopsy tissues by immunocytochemical methods, it was found that the monoclonal antibodies to nuclear antigen could stain antigen well with a rather diffuse pattern in fresh and well fixed material only, Polyclonal ..., Abstract
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