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Author [WU Zu-Jian] article list of Virologica Sinica
The full-length cDNA of the genome segment(S9) of Rice gall dwarf virus Xinyi isolate(RGDV-C) was cloned and the complete nucleotide sequence was determined.The results showed that S9 had 1202 nucleotides(AY556483) encoding a polypeptide of 323 amino acids with an Mr of 35.6kDa.The S9 had the same ..., Abstract
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A antiviral protein y3, from mushroom Coprinus comatus, could inactivate Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) in vitro. The inhibition rate against is 50.0% when the concentration of y3 is 2.0μg/mL. When RNase was added to the mixture of TMV and y3, the infection rate of TMV was 61.74%, decreased by 38.26% ..., Abstract
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Abstract:The complete nucleotide sequences of the RNA2 of two Chinese isolates of Rice stripe virus
are determined.One is isolated from endemic sites at Chuxiong(cx),Yunnan Province。the other is
isolated from outbreak sites at Hongze(HZ),Jiangsu Province.Th e total nucleotide ..., Abstract
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With the specific primers YP1 and YP2 which were designed based on the reported Potato
virus Y(PVY)pl gene sequence,the target gene(0.83kb)was amplified by RT—PCR using the total
I A extracted from PVY infected tobacco plant as templates.The gene was cloned into plasmid an d
tran ..., Abstract
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he plant expression vector pROK II containing antisense ribozyme gene of rice dwarf virus(RDV)S5 was transferred to rice immature embryo by microprojectile bombardrnent.The resis-tant calli were obtained in the presence of G418. Two or three months later these calli could differ-entiate to shoot ..., Abstract
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