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Author [XIONG Kai-Jun] article list of Virologica Sinica
This paper reported the antiviral effect in 54 cases of chronic hepatits B,who were serum HBVreplication mark positive.It was divided into two groups:the treatment group and the control group in27 cases respoctively.In the treament group,acyclovir was used according to 25-20mg/kg/d in thefirst ..., Abstract
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The relationship between the serum HBV replication marks and hepatic pathological changes wasreported in 55 cases of chronic hepatitis B of high replication type.55 cases were HBsAg,HBeAg andanti-HBc positive,some accompanied with HBcAg,DNAP or HBV-DNA positive.All cases had madeliver biopsy and ..., Abstract
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The levels of interleukin-1 and interleukin-2 production in 16 healthy blood donors bone mar row mononuclear cells infected by HBV in vitro and on 16 cases with chronic hepatitis B were simulta neously assayed. The evidence of virus growth is based on the detecion of HBcAg in bone marrow ..., Abstract
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In this paper) the recent and followed-up antiviral effect was observed in 23 patient with chronic hepatitis Bo Among them) the group of ribavirin combining with interferon(Group Ⅰ)was 12 cases) and the group of ribavirin (Group Ⅱ)was Ⅱ cases. The contrast group, who was treated without antivial ..., Abstract
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The status of livers and white blood cells in peripheral blood after infected with hepatitis B virus were studied by Southern blot technique. The positive rate was 44% in white blood cells and 46% in the livers, respectively. There was no significant different beween them. According to speed of ..., Abstract
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55 patients with chronic infection of hepatitis B virus were divided into three groups: the long time treatment group(LTTG) were 22 cases, the short time treatment group(STTG) were 11 cases and the control group were 22 cases.All patients have been follow-up for one year,the serum HBeAG, DNAP and ..., Abstract
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In this paper, followed-up observation during half to 2 years was taken in 20 cases with chronic hepatitis B who had been treated by combining small dosage of interferon with thymosin. Another 13 cases of chronic hepatitis B were treated only with interferon in the same dosage and period. The ..., Abstract
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In this paper, the recent and followed-up contrast observation was taken on 44 cases with chronic hepatitis B, who had been treated with two different dosages of interferon. There were 23 cases in group Ⅰ and 21 cases in group Ⅱ. The dosage of group Ⅰ was 1×10~6 iu im 3/w x 4 weeks, then ..., Abstract
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In this paper, followed-up observation during 6-20 months was taken on 40 cases with chronic hepatitis B, who have been treated with small dose interferon in a period of 6 months. Observation from the further effect of the negative percentage of HBV marker showed the results as follows: 12 of 19 ..., Abstract
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Ten patients with high titer HBsAg of chronic hepatitis B and carriers were treated with aeyclovir and compared with inosine and so on. After one year s follow-up, six cases were treated with intermittent therapy, three patients HBsAg and DNA-P became negative at the sixth month, two began to rise ..., Abstract
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This paper reported 42 cases with chronic hepatitis B and the virus carriers, whose ages range from 16 to 44,and the course of disease varies from half a year to 11 years. The patients were divided arbitrarily into 3 groups. There were 10 patients in the first group, who were treated by interferon ..., Abstract
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In this paper 97 HBsAG positive cases and 60 HBeAg positive cases of chronic hepatitis B were treated with small dosages of interferon for one to six months. The viral targets were HBsAg HBeAg, anti-HBe, DNAP, HBV-DNA, After one month of post-treatment, six targets had not improved conspicuously in ..., Abstract
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HBcAg is the constructional protein antigen of core component of HBV.It s presence in peripheral blood has been used as an important mar? ker of replication of HBV.We had studied the detection of HBcAg in 94 HBsAg positive cases of viral hepatitis with the methods of RIA and ELISA,and compared with ..., Abstract
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40 cases including chronic hepatitis B(30cases)and viral carriers(10 cases)were treated with interferon 32,ooo iu im,q.o.d,in a period of six months.The geometric average of HBsAg titer fall from 1:100.4 to 1:17.2 at the sixth months(P<0.001).21 of them(52、5%)became negat- ive.After six months 13 ..., Abstract
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In this paper.20 cases with hepatitis B including viral carriers ha- ve been treated in a period of three months.The geometric average of HBsAg titer fall from 1:97.01±3.74 to 1:11.5±3.28,P<0.001.13 of them have become negative,accounting for 65 percent of the total,in seven cases with HBeAg ..., Abstract
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