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Author [Xiang Jin-Min] article list of Virologica Sinica
Rabbits were inoculated with EHFV-H114 strain,the distribution of virus antigen in thetissues of rabbits was studied by immunoflourescent technique and double bridge peroxidase(PAP)method.Meantinle,pathologic change in the tissues embedded in paraffin was observedby H-E staining.The results showed ..., Abstract
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Detection of HFRS virus infectivity titer using virus-infected cell enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(VIC-ELISA) was more sensitive than the indirect "double-sandwich" ELISA and indirect immunofluorescent antibody(IFA) technique 10 and 100 times respectively. Detection of rabbit anti-HFRS virus ..., Abstract
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Epidemic hemorrhagic fever (EHF) virus strain of Hantan virus isolated from urine of EHF acute stage patient and named H-114 was examined with infected Vero-E6 ultrathin sections by electron microscopy, it was revealed that the morphogenesis of H-114 strain appeared mainly dependent upon different ..., Abstract
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Rabbits were inoculated with EHFV-H 114 strain isolated from urine of the patient with EHF in the acute phase. The duration of viremic stage of rabbits infected with EHFV-H114 was studied by means of immunoflourescent technique and culture assays. Specific flourescence for EHFV antigen was first ..., Abstract
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It was observed that two strains EHF virus which were isolated newly from patients had pathogenicity on suckling mice.The EHF virus particles were found in the infected mice brain under electron microscope.On IF examination viral antigen could be found in brain, lungs, liver, kidneys and other ..., Abstract
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Detection of the third and fourth components of complement (C3 and C4) and a sequential observation were carried out in 96 epidemic hemorrhagic fever (EHF) patients. Data obtained showed the mean value of C3 and C4 in EHF patients were higher than those of normal controls, while the degree of ..., Abstract
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The ELISA method was applied to assay HSV antibody in vaginal secretions from women with and without cervical cancer, The prevalence (85.7%)and geometric titers (57.98) of HSV-2 antibody in vaginal secretions from those with cervical cancer were significantly higher. The results indicated that the ..., Abstract
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Using a micro-ELISA technique, the serum specific IgG and IgM antibody of the EHF patients were measured sequencially as a part of a doubleblind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of ribavirin therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of EHF. The results showed a significant decrease of antibody levels ..., Abstract
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It had been carried out the detection of EHF-specific IgM and IgG for 265 continuous seral samples from 39 patients with EHF by means of reverse indirect ELISA test assay and IFAT. The results showed that the titer of IgM of severe patients was obviously higher than that of mild and moderate; ..., Abstract
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Four types of cell culture,namely,HEP-2,HeLa,human embryo lung fibroblast and chicken embryo fibroblast were infected with 4 st- rains of herpes simplex virus,i.e.CC21,F,W,and G,the formal 2 of type 1 and W and G of type 2.The SDS-PAGE maps showed dif- ference between the maps form at 4h after ..., Abstract
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