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Author [ZHANG Wei] article list of Virologica Sinica
Abstract:A general cDNA library of Agrotis segetum granulosis virus(ASGV)which was from infected
A grotis segetum(As)l arva has been constructed.The first and second cDNA strands were synthesized by
AMV reverse transcriptase from mRNA which was isolated from total RNA of infected As ..., Abstract
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The cloning and characterization of a whole genome of human Papillomavirus type 16 (7.9kb) and a 5.4kb subgenomic fragment are presented here for the first time in China. Both of them were cloned in HB101 after insertion in plasmid pAt153, using it s unique BamH1 site. The full-length genome and ..., Abstract
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79 cervical lesions(50 cervical cancer and 29 cervical erosion) were studied by dot hybridization using five DNA probes: HPV 16, 18, 11 and HSV-2N/BglⅡ, HSV-2 L/HindⅢ. Among them, the positive percentage of HPV 16, 18 and 11 in cervical carcinoma was 44%, 12% and 4%, respectively; but 14%, 7% ..., Abstract
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