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Author [ZHU Zhi-Yong] article list of Virologica Sinica
The effects of the M gene on the molecular epidemiological characteristics of the Hantavirus ZT10 strain isolated from M. arvalis was investigated. The gene was amplified by RT-PCR and yielded the expected product of 3651 bp. The amplified fragment was then cloned into the T vector and confirmed by ..., Abstract
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No side effects were found locally and generally in 25 volunteers when the secordary immunization(one injecton) with inactivated EHF vaccine was done at a year or a year and half after primary immunization, The EHF virus antibodies were detected by PRNT in these volunteers who were negative of ..., Abstract
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The inactivated EHF vaccine was used inclinincal trial with 75 volunteers. There was not any side effects. It showed that abaut 90% seroconversion rate of neutraliztion antibody occurred. The vaccine stored for 14 months in 4℃ still had better immunogenicity. It was shown for the second time that ..., Abstract
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Ten volunteers had been immunized intramuscularly(1 ml) three times at the 0, 7 and 28 days with the inactivatated(with 0.05%β-propiolactone) EHF Meriones unguiciculatus kidney culture vaccine with Z_(10) virus strain (kept at 4℃ for 7 months). The result showed that there had not been any side ..., Abstract
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It was shown in our study the hamster is susceptible to Epidemic Hemor- rhagic Fever Virus(EHFV) including the wild-mouse type(strains Z_3, Z_4, Z_5, Z_(10), 76—118) and the house-rat type(strains Z_(26), R_(22), SR-11,Z_(30),Z_(34)). The hamster was successfully infected intramuscularly ..., Abstract
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3 strains of epidemic hemorrhagic fever(EHF)virus from lung tissues of Apodemus agrarius and Rattus norvegicus and blood of patient with EHF were inoculated in primary cell culture of Meriones unguiculatus lung and kidney tissues.In the first passage,a good multiplicaton was observed and TCID 50/ml ..., Abstract
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