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Emerging infectious diseases are major threats to human health. Most severe viral disease outbreaks occur in developing regions where health conditions are poor. With increased international travel and business, the possibility of eventually transmitting infectious viruses between different ..., Abstract
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Synthetic biology is a newly developed field of research focused on designing and rebuilding novel biomolecular components, circuits, and networks. Synthetic biology can also help understand biological principles and engineer complex artificial metabolic systems. DNA manipulation on a large ..., Abstract
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Viruses in the family Reoviridae are non-enveloped particles comprising a segmented double-stranded RNA genome surrounded by a two-layered or multi-layered icosahedral protein capsid. These viruses are classified into two sub-families based on their particle structural organization. Recent studies ..., Abstract
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Torque teno virus (TTV) is a nonenveloped virus containing a single-stranded, circular DNA genome of approximately 3.8kb. We completely synthesized the 3 808 nucleotides of the TTV (SANBAN isolate) genome, which contains a hairpin structure and a GC-rich region. More than 100 overlapping ..., Abstract
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p10 is one of the two very late genes that are highly expressed in baculovirus infected cells. We have studied the function of P10 by constructing a p10 deletion recombinant of the Helicoverpa armigera singly-enveloped nucleopolyhedrovirus (HaSNPV). The p10 gene of HaSNPV bacterial artificial ..., Abstract
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The major pathological changes of Pieris rapae infected by a new nodavirus (PrNV) and a mixture of PrNV and Pieris rapae Granulosis virus (PiraGV) were studied by electron microscopy and histochemisty. The results showed that PrNV replicated only in the cytoplasm of larval midgut cells. After ..., Abstract
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The structure of nuclear matrix in Tn5B1 cell infected with AcMNPV was observed by means of sequential cell fractionation and whole mount technique of electron microscopy. Whereas early infection of AcMNPV resulted in no dramatic change in the nuclear matrix morphologically, polyhedra formed in the ..., Abstract
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By conventional EM technique and DGD embedment free section EM technique together with the procedure of gentle extraction, the assembly and release of simian AIDS type D retrovirus (SRV) in infected Raji cells were studied. The results showed that SRV nucleocapsids were assemblied in some cytoplasm ..., Abstract
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The morphogenesis and antigen localization of infectious canine hepatitis virus(ICHV)in dog kidney cells were studied with electron microscopy and immunogold electron microscopy,Apart from theassembly of ICHV in nuclei,virions were also assembled in cytoplasm of the infected cells.The modeof viral ..., Abstract
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A 20 nucleotides DNA fragment which is complementary with the assembly origin of TMV-RNA was synthesized. Instead of antisense RNA, the DNA fragment could hybridize with TMV-RNA in nitrocellulose dot hybridization and in mini-volume solution hybridization assays. Using RNA-cDNA complex and 20S ..., Abstract
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