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Articles list with the same subject [Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus] of Virologica Sinica
everal strains of barley yellow mosaic virus(BaYMV),each distinct from those recognisedin Japan and Europe,have been identified in China based upon the response of foriegn barley cul-tivars.These strains are identical in serological properties and can not be distinguished by ELISA and Western ..., Abstract
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The Barley Yellow Mosaic disease is an important crop disease spread in the suburbs of Shanghai and coastal arears in East China. A purification procedure of Shanghai isolate of BaYMV was developed using the combination method of organic solvent treatment,ultracentrifugation,sucrose and CsCl densi- ..., Abstract
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Examination of ultrathin sections with an electron microscope revealed that aggregates of filamentous virus particle were seldom found, which always distr buted near vacuole membrane in mesophyll cells, and sometimes scattered si- ngle virus-like particles were also seen in some yellowing and ..., Abstract
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