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To obtain the P8 protein of Rice gall dwarf virus (RGDV) with biological activity, its outer coat protein gene S8 was expressed in Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf9) insect cells using the baculovirus expression system. The S8 gene was subcloned into the pFastBacTM1 vector, to produce the recombinant ..., Abstract
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The coat protein gene and its 3′ noncoding region of a watermelon isolate of Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV-LN) in Liaoning, China was determined and compared with other isolates. The gene encoding the coat protein of CGMMV-LN comprises of 486 nucleotides and encodes a putative protein ..., Abstract
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Coat protein (CP) gene of Tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV) Shandong isolate 1 was cloned by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), and was subcloned into the pET-22b(+) prokaryotic expression vector. The recombinant vector was transformed into E.coli strain BL21. Sequence analysis ..., Abstract
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The coat protein gene of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) from melon isolate (CH99/ 90) was amplified by RT2PCR from the total RNA of infected zucchini leaves and cloned into pUCm2 T vector . The gene consisted of 657 nucleotides encoding 218 putative amino acids. Nucleotide sequence alignments showed ..., Abstract
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Based on reported Cymbidium mosaic virus(CyMV)and Odontoglossum ringspot virus(ORSV)genomic cDNA sequences, two pairs of PCR primers for viral coat protein gene with expected ampliffied sizes of 784bp and 604bp were designed respectively, and RT-PCR was performed with the total RNA as templates ..., Abstract
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Based on the PVS coat protein gene sequence(885bp)a pair of specific primers were de—
signed and the coat protein(CP)gene of potato virus S(PVS)was amplified by RT—PCR.The gene
was cloned into pGEX一2T vector and then transformed into E .coli DH5a.The gene has high homolo—
gy(95% ..., Abstract
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The coat protein(CP)gene of an isolate of papaya malformed leaf virus(PMaLV),preserved in Plant Virology Laboratory of South China Agricultural University by Luo Xuehai,was synthesized by reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction(RT PCR) and cloned into pGEM T and pGEM T Easy Vector ..., Abstract
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ScMV.CA,an isolate of the doraJnant A strain in China continent was propagated on sweet
maize and purified.Cloned cDNAs representing more than 0.8kb of the 3’termini were obtained after
a reverse transcription and ligation to pUC19 in Sma1 site using an ollgo(dT)primer One clone
na ..., Abstract
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Two flue cured tobacco cultivars, G28 and K326, from Guangdong,were transformed by CMV BS CP gene from diseased banana via Agrobacterium tumefaciens , and 313 transgenic tobacco plants were obtained. Calli were observed on the small square sections of leaves of the transgenic plants in culture ..., Abstract
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The coat protein (CP) gene and 3′noncoding region of tomato mosaic virus Sl isolate (ToMV Sl) were amplified by RT PCR with specific primers designed on the basis of reported ToMV L strain (ToMV L) sequence. The cDNA fragment was cloned and sequenced,its sequence showed that the CP gene has 480 ..., Abstract
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The coat prolein (CP) gene of a Chinese isolate of rice stripe virus (RSV) was synthesized,cloned and sequenced. Embryogenic suspension cultures were initialed from calli which derived from Indiea rice mature embryo. For bombardment of cell suspension culture, tungsten particles of diameter of 1.09 ..., Abstract
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A hammerhead structure ribozyme was designed and synthesized to potato leafroll virus Chinese isolate (PLRV - Ch) genome within 356 to 358 nt "GUC" in coat protein (CP) gene. DNA sequence encoding the ribozyme was inserted into the position downstream from SP6 promoter of in vitro transcription ..., Abstract
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The cloned coat protein (CP) gene from Ys strain of papaya rinspot virus (PRV) was sequenced by dideoxy-chain termination method. Results show that the full length of the CP genewas 858 nucleotides (nt). Comparison among CP genes of 16 PRV strains or isolates from Chinaand abroad indicated that Ys ..., Abstract
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he influence of six antiphytoviral substances,including three base analogues and threemembrane lipid analogues,on the polymerization of coat protein of tobacco mosaic virus(TMV)was studied under different temperatures in vitro.The results demonstrated that all of the testedantiphytoviral substances ..., Abstract
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They have isolated garlic mosaic virus(GarMV)from naturally infected garlic plants and synthesized various pattial cDNA fragments using the GarMV genomic RNA as template.The length of thecoat protein(CP)gene was estimated about 0.8 ̄0.9 kb based on the estimated molecular weight ofthe coat protein ..., Abstract
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The temperature-inducible expression vector containing the beet necrotic yellow vein virus(BNYVV)isolate NM coat protein gene was constructed and transferred into E. coli DH5 α. High-level expression of the specific protein was achieved by temperature induction. The results of SDSPAGE and ..., Abstract
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The Barley Yellow Mosaic disease is an important crop disease spread in the suburbs of Shanghai and coastal arears in East China. A purification procedure of Shanghai isolate of BaYMV was developed using the combination method of organic solvent treatment,ultracentrifugation,sucrose and CsCl densi- ..., Abstract
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We used the recombinant clone eontaing RSV-CP gene as material. After being digested with restriction endonueleases, RSV-eDNA fragments were subcloned into M13 rap18, 19. The CP gene sequence was determined by dideoxynucleotide chain termination method and the result revealed that RSVCP gene ..., Abstract
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A coat protein gene eDNA of a PLRV isolate infected commercial potato cultivar "Purple Flower White" was synthesized by reverse transcription followed by Polymerase Chain Reaction amplification with synthesized 20merand 30mer primers. The synthesized eDNA was cloned in plasmid pUC19 in JM103. The ..., Abstract
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The intact chloroplasts were made through protoplasts. In the SDSPAGE-silver stained gel, one extra protein band, which had the same mobility and molecular weight as the cucumber mosaic virus coat protein (CMV-cp), was found in the diseased chloroplast comparative to the health chloroplast. In the ..., Abstract
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