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The development of a vaccine based on human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) envelope glycoprotein (Env) that elicits potent protective antibodies against infection has been challenging. Recently, we compared the antibody production patterns of HIV-1 Env gp120 and hepatitis B virus surface ..., Abstract
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Naturally occurring mutations in surface proteins of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) usually result in altered hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) secretion efficiency. In the present study, we reported two conserved residues, M75 and M103 with respect to HBsAg, mutations of which not only attenuated HBsAg ..., Abstract
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Hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg), a specific antigen on the membrane of Hepatitis B virus (HBV)-infected cells, provides a perfect target for therapeutic drugs. The development of reagents with high affinity and specificity to the HBsAg is of great significance to the early-stage diagnosis ..., Abstract
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A recombinant plasmid named pCI-HBs145 containing a fragment of G145R mutate S gene of Hepatitis B virus was constructed. Seven HeLa cell lines stablely expressing the protein of G145R HBsAg were developed by G418 selection after transfecting with the PCI-HBs145. Biological characteristics of one ..., Abstract
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In this essay the destructive rates of HBsAg, the surface antigen of HBV, exposed to different light sources and photocatalysed time on both TiO2 ceramic plate and Ni net were investigated, the effect of anti-HBV of TiO2 was discussed under different light condition.The result demonstrated that ..., Abstract
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To investigate the characteristics of an HBsAg-like protein in the bovine serum, SDS-PAGE and Western Blot were applied for identification of the molecular weight of this protein. A specific band with the molecular weight of 27kDa was detected in SDS-PAGE and Western Blot analyses. BALB/c mice were ..., Abstract
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Abstract:Using HBsAg antigen purified from }ⅢsAg positive$ar~Ii1 as the coating antigen,the sin—
gle—chain variable fragment(ScFv)antibodv to HBsAg has been screened and idemifed from a semi
synthetic phage library by phage display technique The SfiI/NotI scFv DNA fragment was ..., Abstract
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Thirteen indeterminate HBsAg samples were tested with 21 sorts of HBsAg kits, anti HBs and anti HBc kits. HBV DNA was detected with nested PCR. The results showed that all of HBsAg kits can not easily detected HBsAg from some HBV DNA positive samples. It indicated that HBsAg concentration may be ..., Abstract
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The mutated gene of dsFv to HBsAg by PCR based point mutagenesis method was constructed and sequenced. The mutated genes of VH and VL were cloned into plasmid pET 20 b and sequenced with the dideoxynucleotid method. The results showed that the cysteines were introduced into position 44 aa of VH and ..., Abstract
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The gene encoding the N terminal 1-65 amino acids of preS1 was amplified by PCR and fused to the 3′ end of hTNF α gene to form a hTNF α preS1 fused gene which was directly inserted into the expression vector pSB 92 between EcoRⅠ and BamHⅠ sites and under the control of P 1 promoter. The fused ..., Abstract
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his paper reports the detection of HBsAg,HBeAg and HBV DNA in the urinary cells by IFARPHA ELISA and molecular hybridization techniques.10 HBsAg carriers and 89 patients with hepotitis B were exanlined.The results indicated that HBsAg,HBeAg and HBV DNA could be detected inthe urinary cells.It also ..., Abstract
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Five selected McAbs were tested for their binding to HBsAg polypeptidecomposition by using Western Blot. McAb B_6, B_9 and B_(12) combined polypeptideP24 of HBsAg, while McAb A_1 and B_(13) combined both polypeptide p24 andP27 of HBsAg. Using the five McAbs, the epitope density of "a" determinantof ..., Abstract
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To explore the histopathological features in chronic hepatitis D, 5 out of 120 cases of HBsAg-positive liver samples were found to be intrahepatitic HDAg-positive by direct immunof luorescence and immunoperoxidase assays. Among 5 cases, 3 had active cirrhosis, 2 cases with chronic active hepatitis. ..., Abstract
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Circulating HBsAg/IgA immune complexes were detected in different groups of hepatitis B patiens by ACCA-ELISA(antibody class capture assay ELISA). The positive rates of chronic hepatitis B were significantly higher than those of acute hepatitis B, The occuranceof circulating HBsAg/IgA immune ..., Abstract
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HBsAg particles treated with pepsin and saponin can split up filiforms just like a tail. This phenomenon maybe indicate that there are linear links between the capsomers of HBsAg particles., Abstract
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