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Common primers were designed, based on M segmental sequences of two HFRSV serotypes—HTNV and SEOV, and RT PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) method was applied in detecting 39 strains of isolated hosts from different areas. Thirty six of the 39 samples were tested by cELISA ..., Abstract
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My analysis and comparison of nucleotides sequences of HFRSV 76/118 and R_(22) strains,tlireepairs of primers were designed and synthesised,one pair of primer lying in the high homologous regionbetWeen 76/18 strain and R_(22) strain was used as common and outer primers;the other two pairs ofprimers ..., Abstract
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Based on the systematic analysis of HFRSV strain 76/118 (Hantaan virus) M and S gene with personal computer, the endonucleased fragments of tha two gene cDNA were subcloned for smaller gene probes and expression studies afterwards. The fragment containing G2 gene and the HindⅢ -BamH Ⅰ 437bp ..., Abstract
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Investigation of the HFRSV inclusion bodies was carried out under ordinary optical microscope with APAAP(alkaline phosphatase anti-alkaline phosphatase)immunohistochemical technique in the Hep-2 and Wish cell lines infected by HFRSV (Hemorrhagic fever with Renal syndrome virus). It was found that ..., Abstract
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