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Nucleocapsid (N) protein genes of 13 Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) strains isolated from 9 provinces in China between 2000 and 2004 were sequenced and compared to 42 IBV reference strains. The results showed that all of the N genes of the 13 isolates were composed of 1230 nucleotides, but point ..., Abstract
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A pair of primers were designed and synthesized based onthe genomic sequences of the Nucleocapsid gene of IBV in Genbank. The gene encoding the nucleocapsid protein (N) was amplified by RT-PCR. Sequencing data showed that the complete gene encoding the nucleocapsid of IBV isolate (793/B) consisted ..., Abstract
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Abstract:Nucleocapsid gene of SARS·-associated coronavirus(SARS·-CoV)was obtained by reverse
tran scription and polymerase chain reaction from a pateint sufered from severe acute respiratory
syndrome(SARS)from Beijing,subsequently cloned into pUCm—T vector.The sequence of positive ..., Abstract
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