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Articles list with the same subject [virus infection] of Virologica Sinica
Viral infection begins with the entry of the virus into the host target cell and initiates replication. For this reason, the virus entry machinery is an excellent target for antiviral therapeutics. In general, a virus life cycle includes several major steps: cell-surface attachment, entry ..., Abstract
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The nucleolus is a subnuclear structure of eukaryocytes. It was thought that nucleolus only participates in the biogenesis and processing of rRNA. However, more and more evidence shows that it has many other functions, such as tRNA precursor processing, stress sensing and it is also involved in ..., Abstract
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Abstract:In this Paper we repoaed that Cytomegalovirus infection induced high levels of Cyclin E,
increases of Cyclin E/cdk2 activity,leading to cell cycle arrest.By 72h postinfection(at a multiplicity of
infection of 1 0 PFU/per cel1),29% of the cells was S phase,69% of the cells ..., Abstract
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Genome of the characters for the viral multiplication and cytopathic changes in Bs484 cells afterinfection with Buzura suppressaria nuclear polyhedrosis viruses(BsNPV)were reported in thispaper,The results were as follow:1.The multiplication of progeny viruses showed differentchangeable forms in ..., Abstract
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Small spherical virus with diameter of ca,20 nm was isolated from infected shrimps.Thevirions were icosahedron and naked. The infection exDeriment showed that the mortality was upto 66%.The viral nucleic acid was ssDNA after digested with DNase,RNase and Sl nuclease,Analysis of viral polypeptides ..., Abstract
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