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Special Issues of Virologica Sinica
Current Issue:
Baculoviruses have been used as biocontrol agents against insect pests and also exploited in therapeutic strategies and protein expression. The successful primary infection of baculoviruses in insect host is largely dependent on a family of membrane resident proteins, so-called per os infectivity factors (PIFs), which is likely to play an important role in virus entry into midgut epithelial cells of susceptible insect larvae. In this issue, George Alliwa Makalliwa et al. investigated the functional roles of PIF1, 2, and 3 using PIF-replaced viruses. They found that only PIF3 replacement showed the formation of PIF complex and retained partial oral infectivity, while substitution of either PIF1 or PIF2 inhibited the formation of PIF complex and oral infecti..., Read More >>
Special Issues:
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