Figure 1个  Table 1
    • Sampling dateTemperature, ℃Water-quality gradesTLIWater-nutritiongradesBeyond Index
      16 May2356.42Light eutrophicationTP, COD, BOD5
      14 June3058.24Light eutrophicationTP, COD
      16 July2958.42Light eutrophicationTP, COD
      30 August2861.43Moderate eutrophicationTP, COD, CODMN
      27 September2359.91Light eutrophicationTP, COD, BOD5
      11 October2259.91Light eutrophicationTP, COD, BOD5, CODMN
      14 November1557.71Light eutrophicationTP, COD
      24 December550.55Light eutrophicationTP
      24 January546.71Mesotrophication
      25 February1046.71Mesotrophication
      25 March1547.71Moderate eutrophication
      26 April2049.55Moderate eutrophication
      *BOD5, biochemical oxygen demand; COD, chemical oxygen demand; CODMN, permanganate index; TLI, aggregative trophic level index; TP, total phosphorus.

      Table 1.  Physical and chemical characteristics of water in different months, East Lake