Figure 4个  Table 2
    • H3 numbering HA1 HA2 HI
      Epitope Sb region
      186 188 190 192 120 129 260 154
      A/California/4/2009* > 20,480
      GLW/18 S T D Q A N N R 2560
      LCF/19 P I A E T D D G 320
      GLW/18-LCF-HA P I A E T D D G 160
      GLW/18-LCF-HA-chimera P I A E A N N R 320
      LCF/19-GLW-HA S T D Q A N N R 2560
      LCF/19-GLW-HA-chimera S T D Q T D D G 2560
      GLW/18-HA-S186P P T D Q A N N R 640
      GLW/18-HA-S186P-T188I P I D Q A N N R 160
      *A/California/4/2009 RG version is used as a standard strain.

      Table 1.  Genotypes and HI titers of the GLW/18, LCF/19 recombinant viruses and reassorted mutants.

    • Year Vaccine type Strain name HA Epitope Sb region
      186 188 190 192
      Northern hemisphere 2020–2021 Egg-, cell- or recombinant-based A/Guangdong-Maonan/SWL1536/2019 P I A E
      A/Hawaii/70/2019 P I A E
      Southern hemisphere 2021 Cell- or recombinant- based A/Wisconsin/588/2019 P I D Q
      2021 Egg-based A/Victoria/2570/2019 P I D Q
      2020 A/Brisbane/02/2018 P T D Q

      Table 2.  Genotypes of vaccine strains recommended by WHO in the southern and northern hemispheres in 2020–2021.