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Two international postdoc positions available from the Shi's Lab

Professor Weifeng Shi is the director of the Key Laboratory of Etiology and Epidemiology of Emerging Infectious Diseases in Universities of Shandong Province affiliated at the Shandong First Medical University (Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences) and is supported by the Taishan Scholar project of Shandong province.

His research interests include:
 1. Emerging and Re-emerging infectious diseases;
 2. Infection and Immunology mechanisms of Human enteroviruses;
 3. The China virome project (CVP) and novel pathogen discovery. Professor Shi has published >100 publications in peer reviewed journals and the details can be found:

Professor Shi has a laboratory with the construction area >800 square meters, including biosafety-2-level (BSL2) laboratory of 300 square meters, which is equipped with modern instruments for molecular biology, cell biology, and animal experiments. He also has ~300 computation cores and >120Tb hard disk for dry lab. Now two postdoc positions are available from the Shi’s Lab. The successful candidates will be working on virus evolution-related projects.

A. Recruitment Requirements

1. Applicants should have obtained a doctor’s degree from well-known universities or scientific research institutes.
2. Applicants should have a strong background of virus evolution.
3. Applicants should be 36 years old or younger (born after January 1st, 1983).
4. Applicants should be a native English speaker or can speak fluent English.

B. Benefits and Policy Support

Salary is no less than 300,000 RMB (before tax) and up to 400,000 RMB (before tax) per year.

C. Contact info

For queries or sending CV, please contact Professor Shi:

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