1992 Vol.07(4)



Advances in the Research of Satellite RNAs:Struccure and Function Expression

XIE Yin, HAO Lin-Hui, TIAN Bo

1992, 7(4): 367

An Outline of Progress in Classification and Nomenclature of Viruses

XIE Tian-En

1992, 7(4): 375

Study on the Susceptibility of Animal to Yunnan RSSE Virus

HUANG Wen-Li, ZI Deng-Yun, HOU Zong-Liu

1992, 7(4): 383

In 1989, 3 strains of Yunnan RSSE virus were isolated from 2 groups of Ixodes Ovatus (T56, T57) and blood of a female patient with fever of unknown infected with YHV, T56v, T57v by intracerebral, intraperitoneal, nasal cavity and subcutaneous inoculation respectively.The incubation period is 3—4 days. The 3 strains of virus could multiply and caused death of chicken embryo, baby rat, young guinea-pig, golden hamster, tupaia belangeri. After infection, the animals showed anorexia, weak, thin, ruffled fur and...

Expression of Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen Using a Baculovirus Vector with the Polyhedrin Gene

HE Dai-Fen, WANG Xun-Zhang, XIE Wei-Dong, CHEN Ru, LONG Qi-Xin, DENG Ri-Jiang, BO Zhe-Long, SU De-Meng

1992, 7(4): 389

Using a polyhedrin-positive transfer plasmid and a nonoccluded (OCC-) parental recombinant, an occluded (OCC~+)recombinant baculovirusdesignated TnNPV-HBs85-OCC~+ was successfully constructed which contained the gene coding for the hepatitis B virus surface antigen under the dual control of the synthetic and XIV promoters, Infection of Tvichoplusia ni larvae with TnNPVHBs85-OCC~+ can be introduced as a contaminant of the diet rather than the conventional baculovirus OCC~- expression vector in which the reco...

First Isolation of Russian Spring-Summer Encephalitis Viruses from Rodents and Insectivora

HOU Zong-Liu, HUANG Wen-Li, ZI Deng-Yun, GONG Zheng-Da, LEI Ya-Min

1992, 7(4): 397

In 1988, Russian spring-summer encephalitis viruses were isolated from Ixodes ovatus and the patient at Gaoligoug Mountain natural focus in Yunnan In 1990, 15 strains of viruses were isolated from R.confucian, A. sglvaticus, R. eha ninus, E. eleusis, N. bramha, N. sinensis, R.nitidus and N.cremoriventer and 95 samples of 10 species of rodents were checked out Russian spring-summer encephalitis viruses antibody in the same natural focus. The antigenicity, biological and physical and chemical characteristics ...

Observation on Effect of Secondary Immune with Inactivated EHF Vaccine

ZHU Zhi-Yong, TANG Han-Ying, LI Yan-Jin, WENG Jing-Qing, LU Qun-Ying, Li Min-Hong, YU Yong-Xin, LIU Wen-Xue, ZENG Rong-Fang, SHU Hao-Qi

1992, 7(4): 404

No side effects were found locally and generally in 25 volunteers when the secordary immunization(one injecton) with inactivated EHF vaccine was done at a year or a year and half after primary immunization, The EHF virus antibodies were detected by PRNT in these volunteers who were negative of neutralization antibody at primary immunization or turned negative from positive, The neutralization antibody GMT (geometial meantitre)after secondary immunization is twice as high as that of primary immunization, T...

Amplification and Orientation of Dengue 2 Virus Partial E Gene Insert in pUC18 by Universal Primer Directed PCR

CHEN Huo-Sheng, GUO Hui-Yu, LIU Chang-Xiu, TANG Wei-Qi, SHI Song, QIU Zhong-Ren, HUANG Xiao-Jun, ZHUNG Jian

1992, 7(4): 408

A portion of dengue 2 virus strain Haina 98 (DEN2 HN98)envelope (E1-305 nt) gene has been isolated by reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR). The plasmid pDEⅡ305 was constructed by blunt ligation of the PCR products of 305 bp fragment with SmalⅠdigested pUC18. The DEN2 E305 insert were isolated and amplified from pDEⅡ305 by universal primer directed PCRo The pUC/M13 sequencing primers (forward and reverse, Promega)and DEN2 E.specific primers(forward and reverse, Promege) and DEN2 E spec...

Detection and Significance of Antiidiotype Antibodies against Anti-HBs in Immune Complexes of Patients with Hepatitis B

WANG Ai-Li, WU Jian-Guo

1992, 7(4): 414

An enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for detecting antiidiotype antibodies against anti-HBs-containing immune complexes (antiHBs-Ab_2IC)in hepatitis B patients has been established, which was based on precipitating IG by 35.0g/L and 17.5g/L polyethyene glycol(PEG, MW 6000) and separating IC by trypsin, Our results showed that the positive rates of antiHBs-Ab_2-IC in the patients with hepatitis B(n=38)and chronic hepatitis B(n=83)were 13o2% (5/38)and 18.1% (15/83)respectively. There was on statistical differ...

Morphology and Biochemical Charateristics of the Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus of Malacosoma neustria testacea

ZHANG Wen-Jun, CHEN Dai-Hua, ZHANG Li-Ren, ZHANG Guo-Xian, LI Shu-Qin

1992, 7(4): 417

Malacosoma neustria testacea nuclear polyhedrosis virus(MntNPV)is a kind of multi-embeded baculovirus, Scanning EM shows that MntNPV inclusion bodies are irreguIar polyhedra with different sizes The average diameter of polyhedra is 1.3μm. Virions have a mean size of 366×90nm, The virus genome is a circular DNA macromolecule with length of 37.2μm. SDS-PAGE exhibits that polyhcdrin has only oue major polypeptide with MW of 30.2KD, Virions have at least 21 polypeptide bands with MW ranged from 16.5KD to 107KD....

Construction of Intermediate Vector Expressing Antisense RNA Gene for the Assembly Origin of TMV-RNA

PENG Hai, CHEN Xue-Ren, WU Jian-Hua, GONG Jie-Xun

1992, 7(4): 426

In this paper we have designed and constructed an antisense gene which is complementary with the assembly origin of TMV-RNA, then a intermediate vector which contains the expressing unitgconsisting of CaMV 35S pro. moter, antisense RNA gene and poly A signal, as well as the NPT-Ⅱ expressing unit was constructed, The NPT-Ⅱ is essential for the selection and transformation of plants, Thus, the successful construction of this interme diate vector will faciliate obtaining the transgenic plants.

The cDNA Synthesis, Molecular Cloning and Nucleotide Sequence of Potato Leafroll Virus Coat Protein Gene

HA Shi-A-Gu-La, SHI Yi-Shen, Zhang He-Ling

1992, 7(4): 432

A coat protein gene eDNA of a PLRV isolate infected commercial potato cultivar "Purple Flower White" was synthesized by reverse transcription followed by Polymerase Chain Reaction amplification with synthesized 20merand 30mer primers. The synthesized eDNA was cloned in plasmid pUC19 in JM103. The full length CP gene eDNA clones pLCP2 and pLCP4 were further identified by restriction mapping analysis and, the nucleotide sequence of cDNA cloned in pLCP2 was analyzed with ABI 370 DNA sequence Tests show that th...

Cleavage of the Spike Protein and Cytopathogenesis of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus

LI De-Shan, D.Cavanagh

1992, 7(4): 436

Studies on paramyxoviruses and myxoviruses have shown that the viral pathogenesis is related to the cleavibility of the viral spike protein, in turn, cleavibility of the spike protein is determined by the amino acid sequence of the connecting peptide of the spike protein This paper intended to investigate the pathogenesis of avian coronavirus, infectious bronchitis virus(IBV) by looking into three aspects, i. e. cytopathogenesis of the virus, cleavage status of the viral spike protein and amino acid sequenc...

Relativity Between Antigenic Variation and Epidemiologic Characters of Newcastle Disease Virus Strains Detected.by Monoclonal Antibodies

ZHOU Wei-Song, LIU Xiu-Fan

1992, 7(4): 449

Nineteen monoelonal antibodies (McAb) specific for Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV)was produced and used for the reactivity detection to 14 international reference NDV strains and 16 domestic NDV isolates by indirect immunofluorescent assay (IIF) . According to the results, the 30 NDV strains was divided into 8 groups from a to h. The antigenic variation of the strains which are different in epidemiology could be estimated by IIP test using the 19 MeAbs. It was showed tl, at there is relativity between antigen...

Test of Thermal Stability for Oral Polio Vaccine

ZHAO Wen-Bin, ZHOU Ke-Jie, TUN Tao-Lin, FAN Ying

1992, 7(4): 456

This paper reports on thermal stability test of three Chinese oral polio vaccines (OPV), The result showed that the time of test temperature to keep effective dose at 4℃ for 4 months,10℃ for 2 months.22℃ for 7 days 34℃ for 2 days and 36℃ for 1 day, It is discovered that The thermal stability of liquid OPV was better than drag ee.

Ultrastructural Observation on Dahlia Leaf Tissues Infected with Dahlia Mosaic Virus

LI Ru-Gang, QIU Wei-Fan

1992, 7(4): 459

The main alternations of cell infected with DaMV were the formation ofspherical or ovoid intracellular inclusion bodies, c.1.6—3.1μm /tin in diameter, which were surrounded by more ribosomes, Golgi bodies and vesicles, and the increase of peroxisomcs The chloroplasts and mitoehondrions of the infected cells were not affected in the early stage of infection

Study on Molecular Biology of Rice Stripe Virus Ⅲ. Sequence Analysis of Coat Protein Gene

WANG Jin-Fang, QIU Bing-Sheng, TIAN Bo

1992, 7(4): 463

We used the recombinant clone eontaing RSV-CP gene as material. After being digested with restriction endonueleases, RSV-eDNA fragments were subcloned into M13 rap18, 19. The CP gene sequence was determined by dideoxynucleotide chain termination method and the result revealed that RSVCP gene consists of 966 base pairs with 97% sequence homology to the Japanese isolate.