1993 Vol.08(2)



Plant Viral Pinwheel Inclusion Bodies


1993, 8(2): 119

Research Advance on Plant Reoviruses


1993, 8(2): 125

Induction and Enhancement of CPE in HFRS Viruses Infected Vero-E6 Cells by HEPES

NIE Zi-Lin, YU Yong-Xin

1993, 8(2): 132

We have found that HEPES could induce and enhance the CPE caused by HFRS viruses in cultured Vero-E_6 cells. The infected cells were treated with 10-100mmol/L HEPES at 2—8 days post inoculation, several hours later, polykaryocytoses, networks and vacuoles appeared in the cell cultures. It could be seen under microscope without staining. On the contrast, no CPE was found in the untreated infective Vero-E_6 control cells or treated uninfected control cells The Vero-E_6 cells infected with 76-118, L_(99), HB_(...

Detection of Dengue Virus 2 Genome by Reverse Transcription—Polymerase Chain Reaction

WANG Fei, LI Gang, GUO Ri-Bo, KE Wei-Min, LUO Hui-Rong, LIAO Yu-Huang

1993, 8(2): 138

Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was developed for the detection of dengue virus 2 genome. Two primers specific for dengue virus 2 and conservative between geographical variants bracketed a 150 nucleotide base in the E gene, corresponding to bases 1437—1586 in the dengue 2 genomic RNA sequence. After digested with Hind Ⅲ, the products of the reaction was divided into two fragments, 111bp and 39bp, respectively. The amplified products and digested fragments were shown in the ethidium ...

Detection of Epstein-Barr Virus Gene in Biopsied Tissue and Nasopharyngeal Epithelial Cells by Polymerase Chain Reaction

HONG Hui-Min, CHEN Jun, WU Qiu-Liang, JIAN Shao-Wen, LI Man-Zhi, TUN Yin-Tang

1993, 8(2): 142

The amplifying target sequence for Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR) was chosen within the Internal Repeat Ⅰ (IR Ⅰ) of EBV genome. We used PCR of the primers to detect 31 biopsied specimens of different disease and 4 nasopharyngeal epithelial cultures. EBV genomes were detected in differentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma(NPC)biopsies 5/5, poorly differentiated NPC 4/4, Hodgkin s Disease (HD) 3/5, non-Hodgkin s Disease (NHD) 0/2. Other head and neck tumors 1/6, chronic inflammatory nasopharyngeal 0/5, normal nas...

Studies On the Anti-HCMV Effect of Garlic Components

MENG Yue-Sheng, LIU Dao-Pei, GUO Ai-Lan, ZHANG Li-Bi, ZHOU Gui-Zhen

1993, 8(2): 147

Clinical uses of garlic preparations in the prevention and treatment of Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infections are effective. On the basis of this, we screened a series of garlic components or compositions for their anti-HCMV activities in vitro by employing cytopathic effect inhibiting test and plaque reduction assay. It is confirmed that garlic contains more than one components, at least including Allitridi and Adjone derivatives, which have dominant anti-HCMV action. Further researches on the anti-viral...

An Experimental Study on Antiviral Activities of Black Tea, Blue Tea and Dark Tea against Rotavirus

ZHANG Guo-Ying, HE Li-Na, LI Yan-Yong, WU Yi-Lun, SUN Yu-Ping

1993, 8(2): 151

The study on the inhibitory activities of Black Tea, Blue Tea and Dark Tea against Rotavirus was carried out in cell culture by using CPE inhibition method, The experimental results indicated that both the Black Tea liquor and the Blue Tea liquor at dilution titer 1/1000(40μg of the tea at 1 ml cell culture solution) and the Dark Tea liquor at dilution titer 1/100 had rather strong inhibitory activities against the rotavirus. The results also showed that the tea liquors at dilution titer 1/10(4 mg of the te...

Mutagenesis and Cloning of HIV-1 Protease Gene by Polymerase Chain Reaction

RUN Xiao-Jun, SU Cheng-Zhi, JI Chang-Hua

1993, 8(2): 154

In the present work, the primers HIV-1 Pr1 and HIV-1 Pr2 were synthesized in which the EcoRI and Hind Ⅲ recognition sites as well as the termination codons were designed for convenience of subsequent cloning and expression Micrograms of target gene sequence was produced by 30 rounds of amplification with pJG423 as a template The amplified gene was digested with both EcoRI and Hind Ⅲ and ligated to pUC19 predigested with the same restriction endonucleases. The recombinant plasmid pUPR1 nd pUPR2 were identifi...

A Study on the NPV of Oxyplax ochracea and Analysis of Its DNA Map with Restriction Endonucleases

SHANG Xian-Chun, LIANG Shi-Ping, SUN Fu-Lin

1993, 8(2): 158

The morphology of Oxyplax ochracea (Moore) Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (OoNPV) isolated from naturally infected larvae is described in this paper. The endonuclease digestion map of OoNPV-DNA is obtained by restriction endonucleases EcoRI and HindⅢ digesting, The average molecular weight of OoNPV is 102.0919~6d, i.e. 147.77kb.

Studies on Techniques of Detecting Papaya Ringspot Virus

CHEN Zhi-Nan, ZHENG Guan-Biao, LIN Kong-Xun, FAN Huai-Zhong, ZHANG Chun-Xia, TIAN Bo

1993, 8(2): 164

A sensitive indirect dot-ELISA was developed by using nitrocellulose membrance (NCM) instead of microplate, 3% casin as a blocking agent, horse-radish peroxidase conjugated protein A as an enzyme-labelled complex and a dilution by 100 folds of IgG from antiserum of rabbit to PRV-Ys strain as the working concentration. and was found to b workable for assessing an amount of PRV particles at ng level (ave.10ng/spot, at 37℃). A PRV-RNA cDNA molecular probe (the insert ca. 300bp) was successfully constructed wit...

Variation of Transmission Potential of BYDV by Rhopalosiphum padi

ZHANG Tai-Feng, ZHAO Yu-Xia, YANG Ying, ZHU Xiang-San

1993, 8(2): 170

Through sereral years of experiments and researches it is shown that the transmission potential of BYDV by Rhopalosiphura padi has been drastically enhanced, This fact enabled the expansion and development of this disease from the arid and semiarid areas in the north toward the more fertile wheat field at the irrigated areas and even toward the wheat areas in the south. In 1988 and 1989 it has been successively induced the prevalence of BYDV at western Guanzhong of Shanxi Province and in spring of 1989 at R...

Characterization of Mainland China Rice Yellow StuntDisease and Taiwan Rice Transitory Yellowing Disease by Serological Identification

GAO Dong-Ming, QIN Wen-Sheng, LI Ai-Min, CHEN Sheng-Xiang

1993, 8(2): 177

The symptoms, virion morphologies and insect vectors of rice yellow stunt disease occurred in mainland China and riee transitory yellowing disease found in Taiwan are very similar or identical as deseribed in the previous reports, therefore they are putatively regarded as the same. But serological comparison between the causative viruses of two diseases has not been done so far. In this paper we report on the reactions of crude Rice Yellow Stunt Virus (RYSV) preparations extracted from diseased rice plants ...

Localization of Wheat Soil-borne Viruses in Infected Wheat and RNA Species of Wheat Spindle StreakMosaic Virus (WSSMV)

CHEN Jian-Ping

1993, 8(2): 181

Wheat soil-borne virus diseases in Ya an, Sichuan and Chang an, Shanxi (PRC) were caused by wheat spindle streak mosaic virus (WSSMV) and those in Anji and Xichang. Zhejiang and Yixing, Jiangsu were caused by complex of WSSMV and soil-borne whoat mosaic virus (SBWMV)infection Both viruses could co-infect the same wheat plant but independently distributed inside infected cells. Chinese WSSMV contained 2 species of RNA with molecular weight of 2.6×10~6 and 1.5×10~6, identical or similar to that of Japanese is...

Studies on in Vivo Translation of Grass Carp Hemorrhage Virus Genome

ZHANG Bao-Yan, KE Li-Hua

1993, 8(2): 185

Studies on grass carp hemorrhage virus (GCHV) genome transcription in vivo have been carried out Viral mRNA labeled with α-~(32)p ATP was extracted from infected cells treated with actinomycin D and detected by means of liquid phase hybridization and Northern blot hybridization. The results showed that the early and late stage mRNA were transcribed at 4hr and 8hr after infection and roughly divided into four groups, among which each one corresponds to the relative viral genome segment.

Enhancement of Plutella xylostella Granulosis Virus Infection by Lecithin

MENG Xiao-Lin, HOU Xiao-Hui, JIA Jun, Zhang-Wen-Jun, LIANG Dong-Rui

1993, 8(2): 189

Lecithin was extracted by organic reagent from eggs and mixed with PxGV to infect 2th-3th instar Px larvae. Through the treatment of statistical method, we got three groups time-mortality regression lines, y=18.1x-59.8 (GV only), y=27.23x-99.85 (GV+30mg/ml lecithin) and y=13.6x-18 (GV+70mg/ml lecithin). Comparing with GV control group, mortality of GV+70mg/ml lecithin group increased by 17% and LT50 decreased by 1.066 days This result shows lecithin can enhance the infection of PxGV.

Studies on Sugar Beet Rhizomania in Ningxia

XUE Cui-Feng, BAI Sheng-Hai, ZHANG Rong, ZHOU Lv-Qian, ZHAO Lin

1993, 8(2): 193

A virus disease of sugar beet occurred in Ningxia showing symptoms of yellows, parch blight and necrotic yellow vein of foliage leaves. The rod shaped virus was isolated from sugar beet plants affected with rhizomania disease The virus particles had a width of about 20 nm and at lengths of 65—110nm, 270—300nm, and 390—420nm, The virus could infect Bete uulgaris L., Spinacea oleracea, Chenopodium quinoa, C. amaranticolor, Tetragonia expansa. The virus could react with BNYVV antiserum According to the above d...

Detection of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome Virus Antigen and Antibody by VIC-ELISA

ZHANG Tian-Meng, HU Zhen-Jiao, WEN Chi, YANG Tie-Qiu, XIAO Gong, XIANG Jin-Min

1993, 8(2): 196

Detection of HFRS virus infectivity titer using virus-infected cell enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(VIC-ELISA) was more sensitive than the indirect "double-sandwich" ELISA and indirect immunofluorescent antibody(IFA) technique 10 and 100 times respectively. Detection of rabbit anti-HFRS virus antibody titer using VIC-ELISAwas more sensitive than the indirect "double-sandwich" ELISAand indirect IFA technique 1.6 and8 times respectively. The VIC-ELISA can be used for rapid, sensitive and efficient detection...