1990 Vol.05(2)



Development of Laboratory Diagnosis of Human Cytomegalovirus Infection

HU Chang-Zhi, WU Jie-Ru

1990, 5(2): 119

Epitope Analysis of Hemagglutinin Antigen with EHF Virus

WANG Ling-Shu, Ni-Da-Dan, ZHOU Ning

1990, 5(2): 125

Eight monoclonal antibodies(Mc Abs) from various epidemic hemorrhagic fever(EHF) virus have been used for analyzing the epitopes of SA and TE hemagglutinin antigens by hemagglutination inhibition(HI), reversed passive hemmagglutination inhibition(RPHI), indirect ELISA and blocking ELISA.It was demonstrated that there were conformation independing hemagglutination binding epitopes in nucleocapsid protein by A_(35)、2A_6 McAb. Although other five strains of McAbs possessed obvious crosses in the activity of he...

Follow-up Observation on Antiviral Effect of Acyclovir in Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection

XIONG Kai-Jun, Wang-Xin-He, Huang-Hua-Fang, Ceng-Lian-Lan, Yang-Ze-Chuan, Ling-Mei-Xia, Zhang-Xue-Zhen

1990, 5(2): 130

55 patients with chronic infection of hepatitis B virus were divided into three groups: the long time treatment group(LTTG) were 22 cases, the short time treatment group(STTG) were 11 cases and the control group were 22 cases.All patients have been follow-up for one year,the serum HBeAG, DNAP and HBV-DNA turned into negative regularly in the groups treated with acyclovir at 3-6 months after treatment,but a part of viral replicative markers turned into positive again at 12 months in the STTG, the negative ra...

Application of Plaque Assay Method for Rabies Virus in the Study of Virus and Vaccine

LI Hong-Ling, LI He-Min, YU Yong-Xin, YAN Zi-Lin

1990, 5(2): 135

We explored rabies virus adapted to Vero cells making plaque formation promptly.The plaque could be all exposed and easily seen under microscope on 4th day. It was shown that plaque method was more sensitive than mice(i.c) method on the titer of virus and assay neutralizing antibody.Up to now, the plaque formation has been applied to virus cloning, virus identify, virus titration,evaluation of serum-antibody content by the virus neutralization technique,providing an important assay method for the study and ...

Molecular Epidemic Study for Adenovirus type 3 and 7 Causing Children Pneumonia in the Areas of Changchun

FU Wen-Yong, LIANG Dong, Zheng Yong-Chen, LIU Wei-Min, XU Zhong, GUO Hui-Jun, YUAN Tong-Fu

1990, 5(2): 142

This paper reports the DNA restriction endonuclease analysis of 102 strains adenovirus 3(Ad3) and 7(Ad) causing infant pneumonia from 1976 to 1986 in the areas of Changchun. The results showed that 2 genomes of 56 strains Ad7,7b and 7d were identified by using restriction endonuclease BamHl, Bcll, XbaI, SmaI and HindⅢ. Among them 60 strains were 7b and 15 were 7d which occurred from 1982 and tended to increase with time. 3 genomes of 60 strains Ad3 were identified by using BamHI and BgIⅡ, we named them by 3...

Analysis of Herpes Simplex Virus Genomes with Restriction Endonucleases

CHU Yong-Lie, Fang-Yi-Lan, Liu-Yan-Na, DONG Xiao-Ping

1990, 5(2): 147

In order to obtain the materials of restriction endonuclease analysis of Herpes Simplex Virus(HSV) genomes and select suitable restriction endonuclease(RE) for studying and typing of HSV infection, the genomes of two standard strains of HSV, HSV-1 F strain and HSV-2 G strain have been digested with 11 REs. The results showed that the REs, especially BamHI, HpaI and PstI,were found to be useful for typing and studying of HSV DNA in the clinical virology and molecular virology. The quick preparation of HSV DN...

Group C Rotavirus Detected in Infantile Diarrhea in Shashi

HU Bi-Yong, WU Jia-Ju, ZHANG Ji-Liang, LIU Yu-Lan

1990, 5(2): 152

165 stool samples were collected from infants and young children with acute diarrhea in Shashi from 1987 to 1988.37 strains of rotavirus were detected by RNA-PAGE, among them 3 strains were unusual rotavirus. The virus is morphologically identical to conventional rotavirus and lacks the group-specific antigen of group A and group B rotavirus. Genome analysis showed that the genome of the virus was composed of 11 double-stranded RNA segments, but the RNA electrophoretic pattern was 4: 3: 2: 2.The results sho...

Pathogenicity of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Virus in Suckling Mice

QU Chun-Feng, Yang Tie-Qiu, Xiang Jin-Min

1990, 5(2): 157

It was observed that two strains EHF virus which were isolated newly from patients had pathogenicity on suckling mice.The EHF virus particles were found in the infected mice brain under electron microscope.On IF examination viral antigen could be found in brain, lungs, liver, kidneys and other organs.Comparing intracerebral with intrapertoneal inoculation, it was found that there is no appaerent difference in viral antigen distribution.But the infectious virus titre of brain in the former was one logarithm ...

The Preparation of Monoclonal Anti-idiotypic Antibodies Against Mouse Monoclonal Anti-HBs and Their Immunogenicity Ⅱ.The Study on Immunogenicity of Ab_2-1

WANG Hai-Chao, Chen Wan-Rong, JIANG Yu-Tu

1990, 5(2): 162

The Ab_2-1 was used to immunize four BALB/c mice and two rabbits. Each mouse recievcd inoculation of 100μg of Ab_2-1 for four times intraperitoneally. Each rabbit was injected with 1 mg of Ab_2-1 for four times subctaneously. All the mice and rabbits immunized with Ab_2-1 produced anti-HBs antibodies, specificity of which also was confirmed by two types of competitive inhibition test(SPRIA). The titers of mouse anti-HBs were from 2~(-6) to 2~(-9) the anti-HBs titers of rabbit sera varied from 2~(-10) to 2~(...

Characterization of Thymidine Kinase Activity Associated with the Replication of Trichoplusia ni Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus

WANG Xun-Zhang, XIE Wei-Dong, HE Dai-Fen, ZHENG Xiao-Wen, LONG Qi-Xin, PANG Yi, PU Zhe-Long

1990, 5(2): 167

Trichoplusia ni nuclear polyhedrosis virus(TnNPV) stimulated thymidine kinase(TK) activities in infected Spodoptera frugiperda cells. TK activities both in infected and uninfected cells are similar in their pH, Mg~(++) optima for assays and elution patterns on DEAE-cellulose and Cibacron-blue sepharose chromatography. The facts that TnNPV could replicate in TK~- S. frugiperda cells but no TK activity was detected in the infected cells implies that the virus-stimulated activity was not contributed by the vir...

Comparative Study of the Fingerprinting Map of Granulins and Polyhedrins

ZHOU Xiao-Feng, Ye Lin-Bai, Liu Nian-Cui

1990, 5(2): 175

Six kinds of baculoviruses(BsNPV1, BsNPV2, BtNPV, EpNPV, PrGV, PxGV) are purified by centrifugation using sucrose gradient,Roughly purified granulins and polyhedrins are obtained by having the inclusion body solubilized in dilute alkaline salne after possible alkaline protease activity is inhibited. Then granulins and polyhedrins in highly pure form are obtined by using Sepharose-6B chromatography and SDS-polyacrylamide prep-disc(Canalco). Each kind of granulins and polyhedrins shows only one band on SDS-PA...

Identification of Tomato Aspermy Virus Infecting Chrysanthemum and Hyacinth

SHU Xiu-Zhen, ZHU Shui-Fang, HU Wei-Zhen, LIU Jia-Jue, CHEN Chu-Lin, WANG Shu-Qin, CHEN Yan-Fang

1990, 5(2): 186

Four diseased samples of chrysanthemum showing chlorotic mosaic or green flowers were collected from the Beihai Park and Zizhuyan Park in Beijing in July and December of 1986.Another one showing black necrotic spots on bulb of Hyacinth was from Beijing Animal and Plant Quarantine Service. These five isolates were inoculated on 36 species of plants belonging to 10 families(e.g. Solanaceae, Leguminosae, Chenopodiaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Amaranthaceae and Compositae etc.). The infected plants showed either system...

Purification, Serology and Other Properties of Wheat Yellow Mosaic Virus(WYMV)

CHEN Jian-Ping, RUAN Yi-Li

1990, 5(2): 193

Wheat yellow mosaic virus(WYMV) has been occurred on wheat in Shanxi province since 1970s. The virus preparation was purified from naturally infected wheat plants by extracting in 0.5mol/L potassium phosphate buffer pH7.0, clarifying in 1/4 v carbon tetrachloride, precipitating with 6% PEG, 3% NaCl and 1% Triton X-100 followed by two cycles of differential centrifugations with 20% sucrose cushions containing 0.3% Triton X-100 and finally centrifuged in 10-50% sucrose density gradients. The yields of virus p...

Identification and Purification of a Principal Strain of Wheat Yellow Dwarf Virus(BYDV)

ZHANG Qin-Feng, Zhao Yu-Xia, Zhang Rong, JIN Xin-Zao

1990, 5(2): 201

The principal strain of BYDV, as certified, is the Schizaphis graminum et Rhopalosiphum padi strain which is widely distributed at the northern mid-harvest, late harvest winter wheat and spring wheat growing areas in China. While it was specifically transmitted by the prominent vector inset Schizaphis graminum,several areawide prevalence and damage accidents have occurred during the previous years. We have purified the samples of GPV strain, and improved and simplified the procedure of purification.

Cytoplasmic Inclusions and Organelle Alternations in Barley Infected by Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus (BaYMV)

CHEN Jian-Ping, RUAN Yi-Li, HONG Jian

1990, 5(2): 207

Examination of ultrathin sections with an electron microscope revealed that aggregates of filamentous virus particle were seldom found, which always distr buted near vacuole membrane in mesophyll cells, and sometimes scattered si- ngle virus-like particles were also seen in some yellowing and necrotic mesophyll cells of barley(Hordeum distichum L.v.Zhaoshu No.3) plants infected by barley yellow mosaic virus(BaYMV). A variety of cytoplasmic inclusions included pinwheels or bundles, laminated aggregates and m...

Preliminary Study of the Influence of Water Temperature on the Grass Carp Hemorrhage Disease

DING Qing-Quan, Yu Lan-Fen, Ke Li-Hua

1990, 5(2): 215

The grass carps infected by the Fish Reovirus(FRV) were fed in constant temperature water, in which there are no notable differences of the death-rate(P>0.05)from 24℃ to 30℃. However, when the water temperature was cut down to 20℃ and gone up to 33℃the death-rate were marked reduction(P<0.01). Because of reduction of the water temperature the peak of death would be delaied. The result indicated that it did not cause a large number of grass carps to die under the condition of infection below 20℃ for a ...

Selection of Super Reproductive Parvovirus Strains for Vaccine Preparation by Alternate Cultivation in Cell Lines with Very Different Susceptibiilty


1990, 5(2): 221

This study has succeeded in selecting two strains(S_(18), S_(36)) of MEV with reproductive titre up to HA8192~×-32768~× or TCID_(50) Log_(10)~.7-10.3) from 6 strains of MEV with the titre 2~×- 64~× by alternate cultivation of 22 passages in two feline kidney cell(FKC) lines of susceptibility F_(81) strain and insusceptibility C_(81) strain ever reported as yet. The systematic tests proved that SMEV_(18,36) strains selected at present by alternative cultivation are super reproductive with powerful and extens...