1989 Vol.04(1)



Construction of Virus Resistant Genes Oliginated from Virus and Its Expression in Plants


1989, 4(1): 1

Molecular Biology of Flaviviradae——Progress and Perspective

CHEN Huo-Sheng, GUO Hui-Yu

1989, 4(1): 7

Preparation of α-~(32)P HBV DNA Probe and its Application in the Serum Detection

DING Qing-Quan, CHEN Shao-Dun, KE Li-Hua

1989, 4(1): 16

Hepatitis B virus(HBV) DNA purified from the cloned plasmid pHBV_1 and labelled by nick-translation with α-~(32)p dCTP was as probe, which can be hybridized specifically with HBV DNA. The minimum amount about 0.2pg of DNA has been detected by high specific activity probes. The range of the isotope incorporation rates were 23.5-67.0 per cent. The probes s specific activities were 1-1.50×10~8cpm/μg DNA. According to clinical statistics the positive proportions of HBV DNA Correspond to 53.3% 69.7% 78.6% and 81...

Detection of Human Papillomavirus and Herpes Simplex Virus Type-2 DNA Sequences in Cervical Lesions

MENG Xiang-Jin, SUN Yu, LIU Zhi-Hui, CHEN Min-Hui, LI Xin-Zhi, ZHANG Wei-Xin, LI Hun, HAN Ri-Cai, CI Jing-Yi, ZHANG Wei, CENG Wei-Kun, HU Lun-Ying, NONG Shu-Gui

1989, 4(1): 22

79 cervical lesions(50 cervical cancer and 29 cervical erosion) were studied by dot hybridization using five DNA probes: HPV 16, 18, 11 and HSV-2N/BglⅡ, HSV-2 L/HindⅢ. Among them, the positive percentage of HPV 16, 18 and 11 in cervical carcinoma was 44%, 12% and 4%, respectively; but 14%, 7%, and 14% in cervical erosion, respectively; and 3 samples showed weakly cross-hybridization between HPV 16 and HPV 18. of all cervical carcinoma studied, only 2 hybridize, weakly with HSV-2 N/BglⅡ and HSV-2 L/HindⅢ DNA...

Preparation and Application of the Monoclonal Hybridoma Antibodies against the Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Virus (EHFV) in Anhui Province

TU Rong-Han, TAN Fu-Lai, CHEN Hong-Kai, SU Yuan, TAO Yi-Xin, NI Da-Dan, LIAO De-Fu

1989, 4(1): 28

Two monoclonal antibodies(McAb) were obtained by fusion of SP2/O myeloma cells with spleen cells from Balb/c mice. They were respectively immunized with the Li strain and the hemagglutinin(HAN) from the Chen strain of EHFV. Two fusions had been done. The growth rate of hybridoma was 97.5% and 60%. The positive rate was 2.5% and 22%. The positive rate of cloning all achieved 100%. Finally two hybridoma cell lines had been established. They were separately designated as 2B_7 and 1H_8. The titers of two ascite...

Rapid Identification of Dengue Virus Isolated by Using Monoclonal Antibodies in an Indirect Immunofluorescence Assay

LIN Bi-Hu, LIU Le-He, ZHOU Zhen-Jian, CHEN Pei-Jia, LIN Hai, LU Xiao-Dong, MAI Guang-Da

1989, 4(1): 34

With the microcullured by C_6/36 clone of Aedes Albopictus cells, 35 dengue virus strain were isolated from patients with dengue fever in Hainan island. These virus were identified as type 2 virus by means of four dengue virus type-specific monoclonal antibody in an indirect immunofluorescene assay. The virus antigen can be detected from postinfectious of C_6/36 cells within 48hr.as a result of using dengue type-specific McAb.

Study of Attenuation of Dengue Type 4 Virus by Consecutive Passages in Primary Hamster Kidney Tissue Culture

LIU Li-Hua, YU Yong-Xin, LI Zheng-Ping

1989, 4(1): 38

A dengue type 4 virus Ban18 strain, isolated from non-epidemic area in China, was chosen for attenuation by consecutive passages in primary hamster kidney tissue culture(PHKTC). During the course of passage from 20 to 70, the CPE in PHKTC became more and more apparent and a high virus titer up to 10~6-10~7 TCID_(50) per ml could be reached. Meanwhile the neurovirulence to suckling mice was gradually reduced from 10~6-10~7LD_(50)/ml for the parental virus to no death or only individual death of animal for th...

A Rapid Detection of Antigen and Antibody of Adult Diarrhea Rotavirus(ADRV)

SUN Chang-Zhu, TU Gui-Lan, WANG Ti-Jiu, ZHANG Dai-Min, LI Zhi-Xin

1989, 4(1): 45

Indirect hemagglutination assay, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and co-agglutination test were applied to determine antigen and antibody of ADRV, the results of which were the same. Serum Ab to ADRV in patients with epizootic diarrhea persisted for over half a year. The positive rates of the normal human serum Ab to ADRV were 33.3% and 11.3% in the epidemic and non-epidemic areas.

The Comparison on Physical and Chemical Characterization of Two Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus from Leucania separata

LUO Yi-Shan, SUN Fu-Lin

1989, 4(1): 51

Two strains, N and F, of nuclear polyhedrosis virus were isolated from infected Leucania separata in different places. The morphology of these two rains is identical, but their biochemical properties are different. The SDS-PAGE map showed 17 polypepties bands for N strain and 19 bands for F strain. The BamHI restriction map showed 7 fragments for DNA of N strain and 8 fragments for DNA of F train.

Preliminary Studies on the Tobacco Virus Types and Dominant Species in Anhui province

QIAN Jun, HONG Zhong-Yi, NIU Tian-Sheng, MENG Xiang-Bin, CHEN Zheng-Zhou, CAI Shi-Ping, LI Ping

1989, 4(1): 59

In 1978,it was widely surpising that the total tobacco output of Fong Yan County reduced by 92.3% reslting from the epidemic of tobacco virus diseases in the tobacco areas of Anhui Province.The four viruses,i.e.CMV,TMV,PVY and PVX, were isolated from 552 virusinfected tobacco materials from sixteen counties and cities in Anhui Province from 1981 to 1984 through indicator hosts,serological reactions and electron microscopy.The results showed that thoir proportion were 82.99%, 4.53%, 2.54%, and 0.36%, respect...

Properties of DsRNA Viruses from Different Strains of Gaeumannonmyces Graminis in Different Vegetative Compatible Groups

LIANG Ping-Yan, ZHOU Shu-Min, CHEN Kai-Ying

1989, 4(1): 68

13 strains of Gaeumannonmyces graminis in 10 different vegetative compatible groups(V-C group) had been collected from different areas in China and the virus particles ranging from 23-36 nm in diameter were obtained. Double stranded RNA from virus particles were detected by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and varied in components and molecular weight.The viral dsRNA from Taian strain consisted of nine components with molecular weight of 3.45, 2.95, 1.60, 1.52, 1.30, 1.25, 1.15, 1.00,>1.00×10~6, while ...

Isolation of a Virus of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever from Lung Tissue of Dogs

ZHANG Yun, CHEN Jian-Zhong, ZHANG Bing-Gen, DENG Xiao-Zhao, ZHAO Hua-Zhong, WU Guang-Hua

1989, 4(1): 76

During Dec 1984 and 1985, lungs of 78 dogs collected from EHF endemic areas in Anhui Province were detected for EHF antigen by IFAT, 5 were positive, the positivity rates were 6.4%. Two strains of EHFV were isolated from EHF antigen-positive lung tissue.These results indicate that dogs can naturally be infected by EHFV.Since dogs have the habits of eating mice and contact closely with human, its role in the transmitting of EHF is worth further study.

Study on the Monitoring Methods for B Virus Related Antibody in Rhesus Monkey

WU Xiao-Xian, JIANG Hong, QU Li-Rong, SHI Jian-Dong

1989, 4(1): 80

ELISA and EIA as well as NT in detecting B virus related antibody of 84 Rhesus monkey sera were compared.The results showed that there were 50 positive specimens(59.5%)in ELISA and EIA and 45 positive specimens(53.6%) in NT, 71 specimens of the 84 tested specimens were in the same result by 3 methods, and the concordance among them was 84.5%. ELISA and EIA were more sensitive than NT method,and they are also simple,fast and economical, so they might be used in the examination of a lot of monkey specimens.

Study of HBV like Hepatitis Virus in the Marmota sibirica

BAI Feng, LI Chun-Ying, ZHAO Ri-Ge-Tai, WU Bing-Ren, JING He, DONG Jie

1989, 4(1): 85

Blood samples and liver biopsy sections of 111 Marmota sibirica were studied for WHV infection. The scrum samples were assayed for HBV surface antigen, anti-HBs and HBV-DNA. Some of them were observed morphologically by IEM. 22 of 111 scra were positive for HBV surface antigen(19.8%), one positive for anti-HBs(0.9%) and 31 positive for HBV-DNA detected by spot hybridization method. Typical round HBV-like particles were seen. Most of them were 22-24nm in diameter,only a few were 42-45 nm in diameter.Dane par...

Serological Studies on the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV)

HUANG Wen-Lin, LIU Gong, SUN Song-Bai, LUO Jing, WANG Han-Zhong, TUN Xi-Ying, YANG Hua-Lou

1989, 4(1): 90

Immuno-double diffusion and ELISA were applied in studying serological comparision among seven different isolates of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus(RHDV). In the present paper, it is demanstrated that there are same serological relationship among seven different isolates of RHDV, and there are difference between A_2R-3 and H.E. of RHDV.The evidence showed that the RHDV of our country belongs to one type of serum, but it is also probably the sub-type of the isolates of RHDV from different areas.

Characteristics of the Plaque Formation in MA104 Cells of Four Strains of Porcine Rotavirus Isolated in Jiangsu Province

DING Zai-Li, HE Jia-Hui, XU Zhi-Chang, LIU Dong-Xia

1989, 4(1): 97

Four strains of porcine rotavirus isolated from the feces of diarrheal piglets in Jiangsu Province were cultivated successfully and formed distinguishable plaques in the continuous Rhesus monkey cell line(MA104). Three of the four strains(Na86, Ning71, Jiang150) usually yielded both large and small plaques, whereas the other one(Li-99) induced only small plaques. After incubated at 37℃ for 5 days the large plaques measured 3-6mm and small ones 1-2mm in diameter. The plaques look like cloudy clot under light...

Use of AntibOdy Sensitized Human O Red Blood Cells for Reverse Passive Hemagglutination Test(RPHA) and RPHA Inhibition Test(RPHI) for Detection of Antigen and Antibody

DONG Guan-Mu, LIU Wen-Xue, SHU Yong-Xin

1989, 4(1): 100

We have studied RPHA and RPHI test using anti-EHFV antibody sensitized human red blood cell for detecting EHF antigen and antibody. The antigen used in RPHI was successfully prepared with infected mouse brains extracted by pH 9.0 borate buffered saline(BBS), providing a method of simplicity for preparing antigen. This RPHA test can be used for detection on antigen content of EHF vaccine instead of ELISA, and for detection of EHF virus in tissue culture fluid instead of using IF technique for detecting EHF a...

Preparation and Immunological Properties of Monoclonal Antibodies to Ribgrass Mosaic Virus(RMVsh)

TU Zheng-Jin, YU Shan-Qian

1989, 4(1): 106

The additivity tests between seven monoclonal antibodies to Shanghai Isolate of Ribgrass Mosaic Virus were determined by ELISA method. Adding two non-labeling monoclonal antibodies to the same well coated by virus antigen separately, the amount of bound antibodies were measured and compared with that of bound each monoclonal antibody.The additivities of reactions between monoclonal antibodies 1H2 and 12H3 and between 7H1 and 10H1, 11H2,17H6, 29H1 were found.However no additivities of reactions were found be...

Production and Elimination of Unspecific Bands in Agar-double Diffusion of Plant Viruses

ZHOU Lv-Qian, XUE Cui-Feng, SUN Fu-Lin

1989, 4(1): 109

Phosphate is usually used in purifying plant viruses, but phosphate buffer can form unspecific bands with some hosts during purification by agar-double diffusion. Unspecific bands often interfere with the determination of specific bands in detection of the plant viruses. The absorbing method can be utilized to eliminate the interfering phenomenon.

The “Tail” Phenomenon on Surface of HBsAg Particles

ZHANG Run-Gao, HUANG Zhi-Rong

1989, 4(1): 113

HBsAg particles treated with pepsin and saponin can split up filiforms just like a tail. This phenomenon maybe indicate that there are linear links between the capsomers of HBsAg particles.