1991 Vol.06(2)



Advances of Polymerase Chain Reaction Applied in Virology


1991, 6(2): 91

Detection of Human Cytomegalovirus Antigen in Urine Samples by Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay

ZHANG Xin, YUAN Li, ZHI Zai-Xin, CHEN Xiu-Zhu, WU Yuan-Ming

1991, 6(2): 102

An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was developed for the detection of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) in urine samples There were 4 kinds of method of the ELISA and monoclonal antibody directed against 20 or 130 kilodalton envelope structural polypeptides of HCMV was served as a capture antibody for viral antigen respectively or together,it has also been done positive serum of HCMV specific IgG. The assays were capable of detecting 10—32 ng HCMV antigen/ml and no cross reaction with HSV-Ⅰ, HSV-Ⅱ and ...

The Clinical Investigation of the Combined Treatment of Interferon and Chinese drugs on Patients with Chronic Active Hepatitis B

LEI Zhou-Yun, ZHANG Ling-Xia, JIANG Xing-Fan, OU Yang-Qiong-Lian, LIU Jiang-Chun, LI An-Shen

1991, 6(2): 107

In the present study, we report the therapeutic evaluation of 181 patients with chronic active hepatitis(CAH), who were treated with interferon and Chinese drugs(Group Ⅰ), interferon(Grour Ⅱ), heat-clearing and detoxifying Chinese drugs (Group Ⅲ), Chinese and western drugs (Group Ⅳ). Recuperative rate of liver function after treatment was 78.5%, 73.6%, 54.%, 40.4% respectively; Negative conversion rate of HBeAg was 66.6% 73.3%, 15.4%, 21.8% respectively The results show that Group Ⅰ and Ⅱ are eutherapeutic,...

Detection in Situ and Partial Diffusion of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Viral Antigen in Cells

LIU Yan-Fang, YANG Shou-Jing, YAN Pei-Song, WANG Chun-Jie

1991, 6(2): 113

In the detecton of epidemic hemmorrhagic fever viral antigen in the autopsy and biopsy tissues by immunocytochemical methods, it was found that the monoclonal antibodies to nuclear antigen could stain antigen well with a rather diffuse pattern in fresh and well fixed material only, Polyclonal antibody could stain autopsy material imbedded in paraffin for even 28 years, as clear-cut vescular inclusion body. Probably the N antigen has been diffused away after long preservation and bad fixation. ABC, four fold...

Finding of Fusion Cells from the EHF Patients Urine and Its Significance

MA Li-Xian, NI Da-Shi, DONG Chao-Yang, WANG Ling-Shu

1991, 6(2): 117

We observed that so called mutinucleated giant cells in the EHF patients urine were not occasionally accumulated but fused by epthelial cells. We found that EHF virus antigen which were detected by immunoperoxidase technique in all the fusion cells The results indicated that the fusion cells should be closely related to EHF virus.

Study of EHFV Directly Activating Complement C3 in Vitro

ZHOU Ning, NI Da-Shi, HE Hao, LI Yong-Zhen

1991, 6(2): 121

The antigens of four EHFV strains from different sources(Chen, H8205, ALC96, R22)purified by sucrose gradient centrifugation incubated with normal human sera in 37℃ for 30 minutes Cross-immunoelectrophoresis was used to detect whether complement C_3 was activated. The results showed that Chen, H8205, R22 strains antigens can directly activate C_3, typical degradative peak was found after electrophoresis. But ALC96 and normal antigen were negative. Ability of activating C_3 of EHFV antigens was related to th...

Comparison of 3 Methods of Concentration of Poliovirus in Water Samples and Establishment of an Improved Method

YOU Feng-Xin, LIU Bing-Hui, ZHANG Ling-Mei, DING Mao-Jin

1991, 6(2): 125

This paper described the quantative eomprison of 3 methods concentrating poliovirus type 1 artificially added into the water samples, The preliminary results showed that the recovery rate of the virus in the water samples was similar (47—49%)among the 3 methods, It was discovered that the addition of 1% NaCl into virus contaminted distilled water sample increased significantly the virus-recovery rate with milliporous membrane filtrating method and we established an improved process of virus concentration of...

Morphology of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Virus (Hantan Virus) H-114 Strain

YANG Tie-Qiu, XIANG Jin-Min, XIAO Shu-Yuan, ZHANG Tian-Ming, ZHENG Zhi-Meng, PP.Liberski, B.Johnson, J.C.Gibbs.gr

1991, 6(2): 129

Epidemic hemorrhagic fever (EHF) virus strain of Hantan virus isolated from urine of EHF acute stage patient and named H-114 was examined with infected Vero-E6 ultrathin sections by electron microscopy, it was revealed that the morphogenesis of H-114 strain appeared mainly dependent upon different types of budding processes such as cytoplasmic budding, endoplasmic reticulum budding, Viral particle is spherical and egg shape and contain double membrane, size is 90120 nm, A new view point of morphologenesis ...

Preparation of Alkaline Phosphatase Labeled HBV Probe and Its Application in Serum Detection

TU Zhi-Meng, KE Li-Hua

1991, 6(2): 132

A method using nonradioactive material—alkaline phosphatase to label HBV DNA as probe has been studied and used in clinical experiments to detect the HBV DNA in hepatitis patient s serum. Alkaline phosphatase coupled with PEI (polyethyleneimine) using P-benzoquine as cross-linking reagent. The modified phosphatase was covalently linked to single stranded DNA using glutral dehyde. Such single stranded DNA enzyme complexes have been tested for blot hybridization, after hybridization and incubation with a subs...

Establishment of Restriction Mapping of HPV6BV Cloned from Chinese Women

SHU Li-Li, FENG Hui-Min, HOU Yun-De

1991, 6(2): 138

Restriction mapping of HPV6BV cloned from Chinese women with 14 enzymes was established and compared with that of HPV6b from West Germany and different subtypes of HPV6 reported by foreign reseaehers to find the differences.

Purification and Characterization of HFRS Virus Glycoproteins

CHEN Zhang-Lin, JIANG Zi-Sheng, DAI Zhi-Fang, YUAN Keng, PENG Min

1991, 6(2): 143

Two HFRS virus glycoproteins with molecular weight of 78K and 57K were purified by immunoaffinity chromatography with preparative SDS-PAGE from virus-infected cells Purified 78K and 57K glycoproteins all showed only one band on SDS-PAGE and have antigenieity and immunogenicity, The results of hemagglutination test indicate that 57K glyeoprotein has hemagglutation activity. Neutralizing test with antisera confirm both 78K and 57K glyeoproteins have neutralizing antigenic determinants. These results suggest t...

The Safety Evaluation of Several Tea Pests NPV in Mice by Micronucleus Assay

CHEN Hai-Lei, YE Lin-Bai, LIU Nian-Cui

1991, 6(2): 147

A rapid method, micronucleus assay which proposed in the scoring of chromosomal aberrations has been dealt with the safety evaluation of insect viruses of tea pests(Biston marginata NPV, Euproctis pseudoconspersa NPV and Buzura suppressaria NPV)in mice. By scoring the frequency of micronuclei in the bone marrow cells of mice, we found that less than 0.3% of micronucleus in virion suspensions and polyhedra infections,regardless of either single or mixed viruses. It was shown that cyclophosphamidum infection ...

Morphogenesis of Vanessa urticae Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus in Infected Fat Body Cells

YANG Xiang-Ming, LI Wei-Qi

1991, 6(2): 151

We isolated a strain of Vu NPV. The present study primarily detailed some changes during the virus infection in larval fat body cells, five days after infection, cytopathological alteration appeared,and the virus has distinguished special structure and process of replication At early stage of infection, the nucleus enlarged and the nucleolus dispersed, the nucleus contained grannular matters resulting in a "cleared" area, and the virogenic stromate appeared. Near the virogenic stroma large amount of road nu...

Study on Technique of Immune Electrophoresis of BYDV Carrying Vector Aphids

ZHANG Qin-Feng, ZHAO Yu-Xia, ZHU Xiang-San

1991, 6(2): 154

Virus transmission was conducted through inoculation of aphids from the same virus carrying individuals with BYDV which was one insect per seeding. The result showed that the duplex immune eleetrophoresis showed positive reaction coinciding with the disease incidence induced by aphids fed with virus artificially at the laboratory, Through the experiment of inoculation and transmission, it was manifested that it was possible to test the virus carrying potential of the vector aphids through immune electrophor...

Study of Virus Monosaccharides Ⅰ. Analysis of monosaccharides of granulosis virus by Gas Chromatography

ZHU Xiang-Min, ZHANG Su-Qin, XIA Xiang-Meng, TANG Xian-Chun, ZHUNG Hai-Qi, SONG Dong-Lin

1991, 6(2): 159

A method for the analysis of monosaccharides of granulosis virus by gas chromatography were described in this paper. The main components of monosaccharide chromatogram were identifed, showing that the componets of virus monosaccharides were composed of rhamnose, ribose, xylose, mannose, glucose and arabinose. Based on the ratio of the related monosaccharide peaks height between distincts chromatogram,the virus were differentiated and identifed. The results were identified with those of serology method and p...

Study on Biochemical Characteristics of a Capsicum Mosaic Virus

XUE Cui-Feng, ZHOU Lv-Qian, XIONG Ke-Juan, SUN Fu-Lin

1991, 6(2): 165

A Capsicum Mosaic Virus(CaMV) was studied on some biochemical charaeteristics. UV-absorbance curve of viral protein at 280nm is maximum, at 260nm is minimum. The molecular weight of coat protein is 17500, consisting of 148 amino acid residues. The purified nucleic acid is confirmed as linear RNA, UV absorbance of virus RNA at 260nm is maximum, at 230nm is minimum. Polyacryamide gel electrophoresis of viral RNA showed that molecular weight is about 2×10~6. On the basis of the morphologieal structure of the v...

Study on the Characteristics and Prediction of Seed Transmission Incidence of Soybean Mosaic Virus on SMV Epidamic Fields

GUO Jing-Quan, HE Ping, ZHANG Ming-Hou, LV Wen-Qing

1991, 6(2): 171

Seed transmission incidences of the inoculated plants in the greenhouse and the infected plants in the fields were investigated in the greenhouse, some of them were detected with ELISA methods. The highest seed transmission incidence was 29.60% and the lowest was 1.04% among the tested soybean cultivars infected with soybean mosaic virus. The mild strain of SMV infected soybean plants which produced higher seed transmission than that of the severe one The seed transmission incidence was the highest before V...

Propagation of EHFV in the Wish Cell Line

TAN Wei-Guo, LI De-Qing, ZHOU Li-Gong

1991, 6(2): 179

In our experimental studies, 6 strains of EHFV were inoculated into the Wish cell cultures. We found that EHFV could propagate in this cell line and after several passages, viral titers can reach to 10~(4-5) TCID50/ml. After incubation no cell cytopathic effect could be observed in the Wish cell cultures. The result showed that the Wish cell is a new sensitive cell line for isolation of EHFV.

An Efficient Method to Recover DNA Small Fragments


1991, 6(2): 191

It is difficult to recover DNA small fragment in moleeular biology. By using some procedures of digestion, electrophoresis and ultracentrifugation etc, an efficient method to recover 51bp polylinker is introduced in the paper.