1995 Vol.10(2)



Research Advances on Sweet potato virus

MENG Qing, ZHANG He-Ling

1995, 10(2): 97

Experimental Study of the Effects of Herbs and Chromium on the Growth Metabolism and Anti-viral Functions of Myocardial Cells

DONG Jie-De, JIA Hong-Yin, XU Xiu-Ping, DIAO Wei-Ming, ZHOU Yan-Bin

1995, 10(2): 104

The effects of Chineee herbal metdicines(Ophiopogon japonieus,Astragalus membranaceus)and a traceelement(chromium)on the growth metabolism and the anti-Virus titer in cultured human and mousemyocardial cells were studied.The resul ts showed that these drugs and chromium could remarkably en-hance growth metaboism and anti-virus effects,also prolongate the survival time of these cells,and increase spontaneous contraction of mouse myocardial cells.

Ana1ysis of the Components of Circulating Immune Complex in Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever

CHEN Yue, YANG Dong-Liang, HAO Lian-Jie, GAO Xue-Zhong, LIU Li-Kun

1995, 10(2): 111

DS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and Western blot analysis were carried out on the components of circulating immune complex(CIC) in sera of patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever(EHF).After separtion in SDS-PAGE,the cumponents of CIC were stained with coomassie brilliantblue showing mainly 7 bands with appwrant molecular weight about 23kD,50kD,52kD,65kD,72kD,80kD and 100kD,respoctively.EHF virus antigens,human lg and the component of complement couldbe detected in the CIC using the speci fic antibod...

Establishment of a Sensitive ELISA for Detecting Antibodies against hepatitis E Virus Based on Synthetic Peptides

TIAN Xin, LI Jing-Yun, BAO Zuo-Yi, PAN Wen-Sheng, CHEN Wan-Rong

1995, 10(2): 115

sensitive ELISA for detection of antibodies against hepatitis E virus(anti-HEV)was established,based on three synthetic peptides from open readin franmes ORF1,ORF2 and ORF3 of the HEVgenome.sera were tested for anti-HEV with our ELISA,One hundred and tWo(97.1%)out of 105sera from patients with enterically transmitted non-A non-B hepatitis E in Chil1a,Burma,India and former USSR were tested positive.A total of 99 sera from normal individuals in Beijing were tested negative.sera from experimentally infected c...

Molecular Cloning and Sequence of the HCV NS1 Genomic Region

LI Gang, YAO Ji-Lu, PENG Wen-Wei, LV Ling, WANG Bin

1995, 10(2): 120

The NS1 genomic region of the hepatitis C virus(HCV),derived from the serum of a patient withchronic NANB hepetitis in Guangdong province,was cloned and sequenced.HCV RNA extracted bythe powder-adsorption procedure was converted to cDNA by everse transcription with random primer.Polymerase chain reaction was performed with the primers which span the NS1 region,The amplifiedproducts were separated by electrophoresis on a low melting-point agarose gel and a portion of gel,cor-respondlng to the expected size,w...

Morphology study on Fixed Rabies Virus(Beijing Strain)in BHK_(21) Cells by Electron Microscopy

LI De-Zhong, WU Xiao-Hua, JIE Bing

1995, 10(2): 125

The BHK_21 cells infected with Beijing strain of fixed rabies virus were studied by electron mlcroscopy,The rod-like,bullet,round and oval viruses within the cytoplasm,mostly Iocated in the var-ious cisterna of rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum and usually associated with homogeneous material masses.The virus may bud from their membranes towards the cisterna,protrude from the cellmembranes or dissociate in extracellular spaces.It was also found that viral formation and growth alsooccured in the nucl eus...

Chemical Synthesis of an Oligonucleotide Probe and Its Detection of JEV

XIANG Bing-Yi, YANG Yong-Feng, LIU Li-Bing, MA Wen-Yu, JIANG Chao-Zhun, SU Cheng-Zhi

1995, 10(2): 131

probe(19 oligonucleotides)for JEV corresponding to the sequence from 11 to 29 nt of the 3 end of Japanese encephalitis virus genomic RNA was designed and syn thesized with ABI 381A DNAsynthesizer,The oligonucleotide probe was labeled with[α-(32)p]using the Klenow fragment.Thespecific radioactivity of the probe is 8.10-8.86x107cpm/μgDNA.Hybridization with this probeshowed that lpg of target DNA,or the viruses harvested from the C6/36 cell culture at 6-12 hoursafter infection with JEV,Could be detected.

Detection of the HCV C(33c) Antigen and HBxAg in Liver Cirrhositic Tissues by Immunohistochemical Techniques

WANG Chun-Jie, WANG Wen-Liang, WANG Bo

1995, 10(2): 135

The HCV C_(33c) antigen and HBxAg were detected with monoclonal antibod ies against C_(33C) and Poly-clonal antibedies agalnst HBxAg by immunohistochemical techniquee in 86 paraffin-embeded sectionsof liver cirrhositic tissues,The rate of the HCV C_(33c) antigen and HBxAg positive was 76.7%(66/86)anct 62.8%(54/86)respectively.The rate of either the HCV C_(33c) or HBxAg positive was 88.4%(76/86).The rate of both the HCV C_(33C) and HBxAg positive was 51.2%(44/86).The HCV C_(33c) antigenwas clearly stained in ...

A Skewed Light Chain Isotype Expression and B-Cell Clonal Dominance of Anti-HCV Response in Hepatitis C Virus Infection

TANG Shi-Xing, WANG Hai-Tao, BAO Zuo-Yi, ZHANG Xi-Tan

1995, 10(2): 141

In antigen capture ELISA in which HCV peptides NS4 CP1 and CP2 derived from Hcv NS4and core gene region,respectively,were used as solid-phase antigens was developed to detect the differences in light chain isotype expresslion of anti-HCV antibodies. Antibodies in 65 sera of HCV infectedprofessional blood donors against HCV NS4,CP1 and CP2 were characterized by a skewed light chainisotype expression. Sixty-three out of the 65 donors(96.9%)showed at least one of the three anti-HCV antibodies skewed from the no...

Morphology and Biochemical Characteristics of the Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus of Lymantria xylina Swinhoe

PENG Gui-Hong, ZHANG Li-Ren, CHEN Li-Hua, CHEN Yao-Shun

1995, 10(2): 147

ymantria xylina Swinhoe nuclear polyhedrcais virus (LxNPV)is a kind of multi-embeded baculovirus. Scanning electron microscope(SEM)showed that the LxNPV inclusion bodies were irregularpolyhedra with different sizes.The average diameter of the polyhedra was 1.40μm.A lot of rod-shapedvirions which had a mean size of 394×56nm were released from polyhedra when they were decomposed by alkali. The virus genome was a circular DNA macromolecule with lensth of 38.0μm.SDS-PAGE showed that polyhetlrin had only one ma...

Studies on the Mild Strain Cross-Protection of Papaya Ringspot Virus

XIAO Huo-Gen, FAN Huai-Zhong

1995, 10(2): 155

The present paper reported the effects of the ineeulum concentration of protecting strain and challenge strain,position of challange inoculation on the effectiveness of PRV mild strain cross-protection.Some technical aspocts in developing and implementing a cross protection program were suggestedbased on the exporimental results.Furthermore,it was found that the breakdown of cross-protection,asdefined by the appearance of symptoms caused by the severe strains,was related to the increase in virusconcentratio...

Construction of a cDNA Libray of the Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Genome

MI Ke-Yong, WANG Qiang, ZHU Yong, REN Xiang-Yuan, YANG Yu-Ying

1995, 10(2): 161

ovine viral diarrhea virus(BVDV)InL genomic RNA was used as a template to synthesizeDNA by reverse transcriptase.The ds cDNA was synthesized by RNase H-DNA polymerase,and waslsetrted into the Pst I site of the pUC8 vector by dC-dG homopolymeric tailing and ligation.After beig transformed to E.coli JM101,the recombinants were screened by in situ hybridization with γ- ̄(32)P-ATP labeled purified BVDV RNA,Restrict ion enzyme ana lysis sho wed that the largest cDNA insertwas 12kb-13kb,it almust covered the BVDV...

Immunogenicity of Grass Carp Hemorrhage Virus Polypeptides

WANG Wei, DIAO Tao-Ying, FANG Qin, JIANG Hong, KE Li-Hua

1995, 10(2): 166

The immunogenicity of the 11 polypeptides of GCHV873 were commnd by using neutralizationtest for the determination of the major protective antigen.The viral polypeptides labelled with FITCwere analyzed on a 10%polyacrylamide gel.The individual polypeptides were retrieved from the gelby electric elution,and were used for immunizing rabbits to prepare antisera.Each anti-polypeptide antiserum was titrated in a neutralization test.The neutralization titres of the andsera indicated that theneutralizing activity o...

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus:Isolation of messenger RNA and identification of its activity

ZUO Li, DONG Xi-Chang, SUN Xiao-Juan

1995, 10(2): 169

poly(A)tRNAs enriched with rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus(RHDV)proteins were isolatedfrom RHDV-infected rabbit liver tissue by polysome immunoprecipitation and purified by oligo(dT)-cellulose chromatography.The purified poly(A)tRNA was identified through denatural agarose elec-trophoresis Six single narrow bands,5.01,3.62,2.40,1.82,1.22 and 0.95 kb respectively,were vi-sualized.The in vitro translation products of viral mRNAs have been demonstrated by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting analysis,proteins with molecular weight of 64,59,54,51,29,24 and 20kD wereshown RHDV-specific.

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus:Isolation of Messenger RNA and Identification of Its Activity

GONG Xiao-Meng, DU Nian-Xin, CAO Jia, CHEN Qing-Han, SONG De-Xiu

1995, 10(2): 177

Poly(A) ̄+RNAs enriched with rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus(RHDV)proteins were isolatedfrom RHDV-infected rabbit liver tissue by polysome immunoprecipitation and purified by oligo(dT)-cellulose chromatography.The purified poly(A) ̄+RNA was identified through denatural agarose elec-trophoresis Six single narrow bands,5.01,3.62,2.40,1.82,1.22 and 0.95 kb respectively,were vi-sualized.The in vitro translation products of viral mRNAs have been demonstrated by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting analysis,proteins with ...

Amino Acid Analysis of the Major Structural Polypeptides of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus

WANG Heng-An, DU Nian-Xin, XU Wei-Yan

1995, 10(2): 180

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus(RHDV)was purified from infected liver by freezing and thawing,chloroform extraction,PEG 6 000 precipitation and Sepharose-4B chromatography.Six polypeptides ,with the molecular weights of 64.5kD,61.4kD, 57.3kD,54.0kD.29.2kD and 28.1kD weredetermined by immuno blotting to be viral structural polypeptides.The major strucrural polypeptide(64.5kD),purified electrophoretically was analysed by hydrochloricacid lysis and fourteen kinds ofamino acids were found,of which,the base,ne...